The Anderson Bat Company is an American company that has been producing fantastic slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats and their best models, the Rocketech Carbon and Rocketech Aluminum are updated for the 2021 softball season. This model, the Rocketech Aluminum, comes in a -9 drop and is just a power hitter’s dream to hit with.

Learn all the details about this great fastpitch bat from Anderson: how it is constructed, what features does it have and how it performed in our tests.

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The Rocketech Aluminum 2021 model is an end-loaded fastpitch bat that has a double-wall design which is patented by Anderson. That double-wall is made from aluminum which gives the bat a stiffer feel compared to composite bats but also gives this bat huge amounts of pop.

Durability is not sacrificed as the aluminum (or alloy) double wall construction takes care of that also.

Barrel diameter is 2 ¼ and this Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bat only comes in a -9 drop.


Because this is an end-loaded bat it is a bit harder to swing with it compared to the balanced ones but with this weight distribution comes great power you simply can’t have with a balanced bat. And this Anderson Rocketech Aluminum 2021 model has plenty of it.

The pop we felt on this bat is some of the best in the business and Anderson really outdid themselves on this one. The hits we had when we struck the softball on the sweet spot are just unbelievably powerful.

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Anderson Rocketech Aluminum Fastpitch Bat -9
Aluminum Double Wall Construction
End-loaded Fastpitch Bat
Comes in -9 drop
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If you are a experienced power hitter you should really give this bat a try. Power hits are easy to pull of with this fastpitch bat and the fascinating thing is that it almost feels like a composite bat, even if it is made from aluminum.

The price is also phenomenal, this bat costs significantly less then other bats in this top tier of quality fastpitch bats and it is worth it.