Softballs can go very fast. Like, really, really fast. Speeds can go up to 77 mph, and with that speeds, they can do much harm, like concussions and bruising. That is a big enough reason why helmets are an absolute necessity for catchers in fastpitch softball.

There are countless helmets on the market, and it can get pretty hard to choose the right one. So, we have made a list of the top 5 best softball helmets that you can find and make your choice easier.

Let’s hop into it.

Top Rated Softball Catcher’s Helmets for 2023


Easton Jen Schro

The Very Best



Velo Series




Easton Jen Schro The Very Best Softball Catcher’s Helmet

One of the most well-known catcher’s coaches in the game of softball, Jen Schro has made an impressive catcher’s gear set with Easton, specifically designed for fastpitch catchers. This great helmet is a part of that set. The shell is made from a very durable ABS plastic, ensuring top-of-the-line protection for a person who wears it. It’s one of the nicer helmets that we’ve seen, as the matte finish and two-tone design make it a favorite on the field.

On the inside of the helmet, you can find the dual-density foam padding which is put there to offer more comfort, but more importantly, for protection. The feature that you can also see inside the helmet, and one of our favorite features that we’ve seen on any helmet is the Aegis Anti-Microbial and Clear Dri that have a mission to fight sweat that’s produced after wearing a helmet for a long time. It also fights bacteria that can be found inside the helmet, which is an amazing feature.

Rawlings Velo Series

One of the most famous and premier brands in baseball and softball, Rawlings makes the Velo Series Catcher’s Helmet with a lot of attention to detail. A hockey-style helmet, the Velo Series is available in 8 different colorways, so it will be easy to find the one with your team’s colors. However, the level of protection that it offers is much more important than the looks, and in this department, the Velo Series excels.

The durable shell is made from ABS, while the cage is impact-resistant. The helmet fits amazingly, so you shouldn’t have an issue there. And, since it has Cooflo Venting, it allows for better airflow, keeping your head cool.

Mizuno Samurai Softball Catcher’s Helmet

Part of the amazing Samurai Catcher’s Set by Japanese brand Mizuno, the Samurai Catcher’s Helmet is one of the best softball catcher’s helmets that you can get your hands on. While maybe not everybody will be a fan of its design, we sure are. The hard shell and the steel frame offer a lot of protection, while the Strategic Ventilation System is there to add airflow and make the helmet much more breathable.

There is a lot of padding inside the helmet, which is an amazing thing. However, the padding that can be found in the chin area can make the player a bit sweaty. Other than that, this is a great helmet that offers some serious protection and the cool thing is that it comes in 6 different colorways.

Best For Youth Catchers

Mizuno G4 Samurai Youth Catcher’s Helmet

Another helmet from Mizuno finds a place on this list, and this time is the G4 Samurai helmet designed and engineered for youth players. An almost identical design to the previously mentioned Samurai for adults, the G4 Samurai also comes in different colorways. It’s very well made and almost all parts of the helmet are high-quality, just as we expected. It will last a couple of seasons for sure because you can just feel how durable it is.

There are a couple of downsides to it, however. Like the adult version, the chin area can get sweaty, and it runs a little bit, so you should pay extra attention to that. To end on a positive note, the most important factor in which a helmet should excel is the protection, and this one surely does just that.

How to Choose the Helmet Size

Finding the right size of a helmet is crucial. Too small and the helmet won’t fit, too big and it will be all wobbly, so you won’t get the best protection. To ensure that won’t happen, you should know how to get the right size, and we are here to help.

The most important thing you should do is to measure the circumference of your head. You do that by placing a measuring tape above your ears and moving it around your head. Remember the number or write it down so you won’t forget.

The adult fastpitch catcher’s helmets come in 2 different sizes: S (6 1/2) and 7 (1/4). Youth go from 6 1/8 to 7.


Easton Jen Schro The Very Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmet

Created and designed with one of the most famous names in the softball catcher’s world, Jen Schro, the Easton Jen Schro The Very Best Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmet is the way to go if you are looking for a durable, comfortable helmet that will fit well and more importantly, protects.