Choosing the right softball bat for a 12-year-old is essential for their success, development, and confidence. If a bat is too long, too short, or too heavy, the player might not develop the correct technique and therefore, not reach their highest potential.

So, we’ve made a list of the 3 best fastpitch bats for 12u to help you in your decision. The bats on this list are made by the best softball brands and are engineered and designed specifically for youth players who are developing their game.

12u Softball Bats – 2023 Top Picks

DeMarini Spryte

Easton Amethyst

Louisville Slugger Nexus

2022 DeMarini Spryte

Having a two-piece composite construction, the DeMarini Spryte is a perfect bat that will give 12u players a feel for how high-end composite bats feel and perform. This is a bat that has a balanced swing weight, which will fit any type of player.

The end cap on this bat is creditable for absorbing the vibrations and the barrel in use is the Paradox Composite Barrel, found on the previous model as well. The 2022 DeMarini Spryte also features a light handle that will make it easier for players to develop their swing, and it’s called the D-Lite Handle.

The biggest factor that makes this bat so great is that it has a ton of pop. That is credited to the composite construction, and although it also makes the Spryte more expensive than most bats for youth players, it is well worth it.

Easton Amethyst

Players looking for an aluminum bat that is affordable and performs very well have no better choice on the market than the new Easton Amethyst. This is a bat for youth players that is extremely easy to control and will provide tremendous help in perfecting your swing.

The durability of the bat shouldn’t be a concern at all, since the Amethyst is built from an LX50 military-grade aluminum, so you can swing without any worries about the bat breaking. It comes in a -11 drop, therefore is perfect for 12u players who are developing their game.

Louisville Slugger Nexus

Having very similar lines as the high-end LXT, Louisville Slugger Nexus is the best bat that Louisville Slugger makes for youth players. Like the DeMarini Spryte, the Nexus also has a composite barrel which gives the bat its massive sweet spot. That will be of tremendous help for 12u players.

The fast swing speeds are there, but the Nexus also doesn’t lack power, however, we feel that contact hitters will enjoy this bat more than the power hitters, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not recommended for them also. The XCT Connection System is made to reduce vibrations on mishits and the X-Cap Design gives the bat more speed.

While the Nexus is more expensive than the standard aluminum bats, it offers a great mixture of swing speed, control, and power, which up-and-coming contact hitters will surely be a fan of.


When looking for a new 12 softball bat, there are several factors that you should consider like the price, the build quality, and the performance of the bat. Composite bats are more expensive, but they will prepare a player better for a high-end bat than aluminum ones. However, aluminum bats are more affordable, and since a 12u player will not will overgrown a bat quickly, they may sound like a better option.

These are the best ones in our opinion, and they will help develop a 12u players game, no matter which one you choose.