Are you a power hitter that is looking for a new fastpitch bat? A decision on which one to get will drastically impact your game, positively or negatively. With a contact hitters bat, you just can’t get the most out of your swing. So, a bat designed and engineered specifically for power hitters will get the job done.

But, there are a ton of bats on the market, releasing quite often, which makes it very easy to choose the wrong one that won’t suit your style. To help you in your decision-making, we’ve made a list of the top 5 best fastpitch softball bats for power hitters that will make you play your best from the moment you step on the field.

Softball Bats for Power Hitters 2022 Review

Best Fastpitch Bats For Power Hitters 2022

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Louisville Slugger
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1. Easton Ghost

From the moment it was introduced, Easton Ghost has been considered by many to be the very best bat for power hitters. Each year, Easton makes some improvements to it to make it even better and to help you to improve your game.

With its signature double-barrel construction, you will be able to hit the ball far, far away. That construction makes the Ghost have a ton of flex and also for the pop that you get right out of the wrapper. When you connect perfectly, the sound that the 2022 Easton Ghost makes on impact will blow you away, it is just that good.

Regarding the durability issues that the previous model had, Easton has now made the new Ghost with Sonic Comp, a much more durable material. Another new feature is the Connexion Technology, a connection piece that reduces mishit vibrations and is also responsible for the stiffer feel that power hitters enjoy.

With its important improvements, the 2022 Easton Ghost continues to be the bat of choice for many power hitters, and you just can’t go wrong with it.

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2. Louisville Slugger Meta

The pinnacle of Louisville Slugger’s design and engineering, Louisville Slugger Meta, is one of the hottest fastpitch bats right now. It generated a lot of buzz when it was released, and rightfully so. The performance of the 2022 Meta is nothing short of outstanding, and it is the one bat that the power hitters will surely enjoy in the upcoming season.

It can also be used by contact hitters since it comes in a drop 10, along with the -9 and -8 drops that are recommended for power hitters. Louisville Slugger Meta features a MASH Composite Barrel, that has an interesting detail to it. The inner barrel is not connected to the end cap of the bat, meaning on impact, it can translate.

The connection piece is called the VTX Connection System, and it’s designed as a two-piece end-cap, with a mission to minimize the vibrations that can occur on mishits. This bat has very good control, and that is all thanks to the F2X Performance End Cap.

Louisville Slugger Meta is a mix of an easy-swinging bat and a bat that has an added weight on the barrel’s end. And, that is what makes it a great bat for all types of players, including the power hitters.

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3. DeMarini FNX

The 2021 DeMarini FNX continues to be DeMarini’s top bat for power hitters. With its phenomenal design and a great barrel, it is truly no surprise that that is the case. It has DeMarini’s best barrel construction, the Continuous Fiber Barrel, which is also found in their other popular model, the Prism+.

There is a lot of mass to be found in the FNX’s barrel, which will benefit the power hitters greatly. A feature that was engineered specifically to benefit power hitters is the Direct Connection Handle, which delivers power. That is one thing that sets this bat apart from other DeMarini bats; the FNX is a light bat yet has a ton of energy that is transferred on a perfect contact with the ball.

The end-cap on the DeMarini FNX is so stiff, which makes this bat one of the stiffest this year, along with Louisville Slugger Xeno. So, the power is there, the end-loaded balance is there, the great barrel is there, which makes the DeMarini deserve its place on this list.

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4. Rawlings Mantra

Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat

2021 Rawlings Mantra is the best bat that Rawlings ever made. Generally known for their gloves, Rawlings took a big step forward in the fastpitch bat market when they introduced the Mantra.

Made for more experienced players that have heavy-hitting in mind, Rawlings Mantra has a ton of pop and a pretty smooth swing. The unique feature that the Mantra has is the Blast Motion Sensor, which will provide you with analytics of your performance on the field. Truly a forward-thinking feature that may be a standard in the future. It is sold separately, so that will make an additional cost to the already expensive bat.

But, the performance of the Mantra is truly surprising. -9 drop, which is recommended for stronger players, is a phenomenal bat and will make a big difference on the field. And, the time it takes to get the Mantra fully broken in is very short, so that is another plus to this already great bat.

Now, the feel on mishits could’ve been better, but the feeling when you perfectly connect is out of this world. The sound too. Rawlings truly made one of the best bats for heavy, power hitters that you can find right now.

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5. Louisville Slugger Xeno

Louisville Slugger Xeno -9 2022

One of Louisville Slugger’s most popular models, and a favorite among those who prefer the stiffer feel of the bat, is updated for a new season. With very little to no time needed to get this bat broken in, and with a couple of great technologies in it, the new Xeno sounds like a great option for any heavy hitter who is looking to get a new bat.

Unlike the Matra, the Xeno can be used by both inexperienced and professional players, and that is one of its strongest points. On the inside, things are pretty much the same as last year’s model. The great S1ID barrel technology is here, along with the IST Technology that is responsible for the Xeno’s stiff feel. But, on the outside is a completely different story. The design and colorway of the new Xeno is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen, and will surely take the spotlight on the field.

Even though we haven’t seen a major change in the features of the 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno compared to the one from 2021, it still is one of the bats that power hitters prefer to play with. The durability and power are right there at the top, and let’s not forget the sound that the Xeno makes on perfect contact, which is one of the best in the game.

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Things to consider before purchasing a new softball bat for power hitters

There are several things that you should closely look at before making a decision on which power hitters bat you should purchase. 


This is quite an important one. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on a brand new bat only to see it break after a couple of games. So, look at the technology and materials used to make the bat and always go for the proven brands. You want a bat that will last you a longer period, so you don’t have to get a new one every once and a while.


Power hitters, since they are generally stronger in build, tend to go for bats that are more end-loaded and stiffer so they can get that extra power generated in every hit. If a bat is available in drops -9 and -8, we recommend that you choose one of those two, rather than a bat with a-10 drop, since those are generally used by contact hitters.


Newly released softball bats can get quite expensive because they have a ton of features and advanced technologies that make the bat perform at the very highest level. The boundaries are pushed every single year, so it’s completely normal that the price can get quite high. However, most of the time there is available an older model of the bat that you can get for a lower price. It’s usually a year older model, and that is an option if you want to save some money.


These are the 5 best softball bats for power hitters coming into the 2022 season. Every one of them has its pros and cons and now it’s up to you to decide which one is the best one for your playing style. We sincerely hoped that we’ve helped you even a little bit in making that decision.


Easton Ghost 2022

Easton’s best fastpitch bat, the Ghost Double Barrel is a joy to hit with for stronger players. With the new Sonic Comp and Connexion Technology it proves once again that it is the best power hitter’s bat right now.

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