A catcher’s mitt is the most important piece of equipment for any catcher in the game of fastpitch softball. Being a catcher is one of the most difficult positions in the sport of softball and one with the most responsibility so picking the right catcher’s mitt is very important to perform at the top level. The position is very physically and mentally demanding and a good catcher just needs the most comfortable and durable catcher’s mitt.

There are numerous fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt’s on the market right now from different and legendary brands so choosing the right one can be tricky and difficult. We have tested various mitt’s and have compiled the list of the 5 very best softball catcher’s mitts on the market. We have also chosen the best catcher’s mitt for catchers on a budget and for youth players, so check that out.

Let’s check them out.

Rawlings Libery Advanced Catcher's Mitt
Rawlings Liberty Advanced
Wilson A2000
Louisville Slugger LXT Catcher's Mitt
Louisville Slugger LXT

The 5 Best Overall Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Liberty Advanced

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 34

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced fastpitch catcher’s mitt is made from high-quality, full-grain leather and is very well built. It features non-slip pull-strap closures so any catcher can find their perfect fit. The Liberty Advanced requires minimal break-in time, only 30%, which is fantastic. It is one of the rare catcher’s mitts that is ready to perform right out of the box.

The durability of the Rawlings Liberty Advanced is amazing; it will surely last you a very long time and the white look is also amazing. Overall, the Liberty Advanced by Rawlings is one of the best catcher’s mitts on the market because of its durability, reliability, and fantastic break-in time.


  • Full-grain leather
  • Poron XRD palm and index finger pads
  • Adjustable pull-strap
  • Quality construction


  • High-performance catcher’s mitt
  • Durable
  • Amazing fit even for large man’s hands


  • None

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt

Wilson A2000 is a glove series that Wilson makes for baseball, slowpitch, and fastpitch softball. They have a very long and interesting history.

The A2000 catcher’s mitt is made of high-quality Pro Stock leather and SuperSkin that are very durable and super light. The feel that the Pro Stock leather provides is unmatched on the market. The A2000 also features a comfortable Velcro wrist closure for getting a great, tight fit.

Another big feature that the A2000 catcher mitt has is the Flat Finger Binding, a feature that grants players who choose to play more with the finger outside of the glove more comfort.

The mitt needs some time to break in but after that, it performs amazingly. The A2000 is in our opinion the second-best catcher’s mitt on the market, falling only to the Rawlings Liberty Advanced. If the break-in time was better, maybe the ranking would be different.

If you are interested in the Wilson A2000 fastpitch glove series check out our in-depth review.


  • SuperSkin – leather that Wilson uses – stronger and lighter than regular leather
  • Modified web
  • Comfort Velcro wrist closure
  • Pro Stock Leather


  • Tight, snug fit
  • Durable – the A2000 will last you a long time
  • Lot’s of padding


  • Break-in time

Louisville Slugger LXT

Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt

The Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch mitt shares the same name as their very popular fastpitch bat. And quality-wise, rightfully so. The LXT is a solid catcher’s mitt that has patterns designed for female players, so a good fit is expected.

It has a nice look to it, somewhat specific, that maybe not everyone will like, but we were very fond of it. Also, it looks and feels very durable, as you would anticipate from a brand with so much tradition and quality, like the Louisville Slugger.

Now, the break-in time is what we didn’t like about this glove. The LXT is very stiff, so much stiff that after a month and a half we stiff couldn’t break it in it fully. That is this mitt’s biggest downside. Speaking of downsides, another one is the padding in the thumb area or the lack thereof. That area really needs a lot more padding than it has.


  • Made from full-grain steerhide leather
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Gold/Grey colorway
  • Designed for female players


  • Good looking
  • Durable
  • Performs very well when you fully break it in


  • Only available in 33″ size
  • Lack of padding in some areas
  • Quite stiff

Mizuno MVP Prime

Mizuno MVP Prime 34

The MVP Prime catcher’s mitt from the Japanese company Mizuno has some amazing features. First of all, it is made very well and the Bio Soft leather they use for this glove is fantastic; super soft (it needs time to soften) and smooth. The lacing on this fastpitch glove is also fantastic; durable and well made.

The MVP Prime by Mizuno is designed specifically for a female’s hand so the fit is amazing. The only downside to the MVP Prime is that it needs some time to break in; it comes very stiff of the box. So, we recommend you play a couple of times a week if you can and use glove oil to get it to soften up. Once you do that, it will serve you well for years. Overall, a great and durable catcher’s mitt.


  • Bio Soft leather, soft and smooth
  • Professional level lacing
  • Designed for female’s hand
  • Great looking


  • Soft leather
  • Amazing fit for female’s hands
  • Pretty durable


  • Break-in time

Mizuno Franchise

Mizuno Franchise Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt

Another great catcher’s mitt from Mizuno finds itself on this list. Unlike the MVP Prime, Franchise breaks in rather quickly. The mitt is made from Java Leather, a type of leather that is pre-oiled and is very durable. The Mizuno Franchise has this classic look with the Coffee/Cream colorway which looks very nice.

The glove is recommended for high-school players and the best thing about this catcher’s mitt is that it is very affordable, costing less than the more expensive MVP Prime.

With the Franchise, you get a solid catcher’s mitt that breaks in quickly, looks, and performs fairly well.


  • Java Leather
  • HiLo Lacing
  • Durable
  • Great, classic design


  • Price
  • Classic look
  • Wide pocket


  • Fit not good enough for man’s hands

Best Option For Player’s On A Budget

Wilson Aura

Wilson Aura 33

Why is Wilson Aura the best catcher’s mitt for a player on a budget? Because is very well made and performs great for a catcher’s mitt in that price range. Break-in time is fantastic, second to none, especially for a glove in this price range. That is because the Aura is made from very soft leather.

The leather used to make this mitt is pretty durable for a fastpitch glove that is this affordable. We highly recommend Wilson Aura for players with a shortly less budget because with Aura you will get a fantastic catcher’s mitt for an affordable price.


  • Made from good quality leather
  • Dual Post Web Pattern
  • British Tan/White Colorway


  • The best option if you are on a budget
  • Great break-in time


  • The fit could be a bit better

Best Youth Softball Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Shut Out Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Shut Out Youth Fastpitch 32.5

Rawlings Shut Out Softball Cather’s Mitt is a perfect choice for youth fastpitch players between the age of 8 and 14. It comes in a 32.5″ size and has a fantastic level of durability and comfort. It is designed specifically for a female’s hand so you can expect a very good fit.

The design of the glove is very sleek; full-grain black leather with stitches. The glove is 80% factory broken in and you just need very little time to break it in so the glove can perform perfectly. It is a great value for the money.


  • Adjustable Velcro Strap
  • Full-grain Leather
  • Zero Shock Palm padding
  • 32.5in


  • Best catcher’s mitt for youth players
  • Big pocket
  • Minimal break-in time required


  • None

How to Choose a Right Catcher’s Mitt

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the best softball catcher’s mitt: quality of leather, webbing size, break-in time and durability. You should carefully look at all the details, pros and cons of a mitt before purchasing because you want a catcher’s mitt that will fit your hand comfortably, be durable to last you many years and also help you perform at the very highest level. As we said in the introduction, the position of a catcher is the most physically and mentally demanding in this sport so a good glove is vital for success. Keep in mind that the new mitt is a bit stiffer a will require a little bit more time to break in then fielding gloves.

Let’s now see what are the most important factors when choosing a catcher’s mitt.


There are two main types of webbing used on fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt: closed and open webbing. Open webbing is used more because on the larger mitt it gives more visibility then the closed one and has better mobility but has less protection then the gloves with closed webbing. Closed webbing also gives the catcher more protection, increases chances to hide calls and have a deeper pocket.


Catcher’s mitt’s for fastpitch softball have padding along with the pinky finger and the thumb. Padding is so important for the protection of the catcher so be sure to check if your mitt has enough padding to protect your fingers. But this is a bit of a tricky thing because too little padding means less protection and too much of it means that you will have less space to catch the 16″ softball. But the brands that make the best catcher mitt’s for softball take this into account when designing and making them so they don’t sacrifice the protection.


Another super important part of a good mitt; There are two types of back on mitt’s – open and closed. With open-back, you get a space between the wrist strap and the glove, and because of that open space, you get more mobility of movement but sacrifice the wrist support. On the other hand, the closed-back get’s you more wrist support.


The most important factor that influences the durability of a good fastpitch catcher’s mitt is the material that it is made of. Top-of-the-line catcher’s mitts use a full-grain leather which is the more expensive and needs a bit more time to break in but it will perform fantastically and will last you many seasons. Those types of mitts are used by professional catchers. On the other side, you have synthetics, a material that is cheaper and needs a little break-in time but its main problem is the durability; it lasts much less than the leather.


A very important thing to do when you buy a new softball catcher’s mitt or glove is to break it in so it fits your hand perfectly because many times when you get a new glove or a mitt it comes a bit stiff. With some mitts, you just need a little time to break them in but with others, you will need more time. Breaking a glove in means that you are working to get the leather more flexible and to fit your hand better. There is a couple of ways to break in your new catcher’s mitt:

  1. Using oil or conditioner – they help in softening the stiff leather;
  2. Play catch (the best way) –  play as much as you can and the leather will soften over time and the glove will be a better fit to your hand;
  3. Loosen up the seams and build a pocket inside the catcher’s mitt;
  4. When you are not using a mitt, keep a softball inside.


Probably the most important factor when choosing a proper mitt is its size; you have to find a mitt that fits your hand perfectly, is not too narrow and not too wide.  As we said many times, the position of a catcher is probably the most difficult because of the speed and quickness of the reactions that a good catcher needs to have so that is why you need a mitt with a perfect fit; to make fast and quick movements much easier. Because a catcher’s mitt is measured by its circumference a player over the age of 13 will need a mitt with a size of 33″, 34″, and players younger than that because of their smaller hand will need a size 32.5″. Below is a sizing chart to help you in picking a fastpitch catcher’s mitt that will fit your hand.

Under 7 years 29,5″, 30″
8 – 10 30″, 32″
11 – 13 31″, 32.5″
Over 14 years 33″, 34″, 35″

Best Brands for Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Sporting GoodsRawlings is a brand that has been around for over 130 years. They have been making quality baseball and softball equipment ever since and are a highly respectable brand.

Wilson has been making equipment for all kinds of sport including fastpitch softball. They are a fantastic sports equipment brand and make some of the most high-quality gloves for baseball and softball.

Mizuno is a very old sports brand, founded in 1906 in Japan. They produce equipment for various sports including softball and have an exclusive collaboration with an Olympic gold medalist and one of the best softball players of all time – Jennie Finch. Their softball cleats and bats have fantastic quality.

Louisville SluggerLouisville Slugger is a very popular softball and baseball brand. They produce one of the most popular fastpitch bats on the market, the Louisville Slugger LXT. Since 2015, Louisville Slugger is a part of the Wilson brand.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 34



After many hours of testing, our opinion is that the Rawlings Liberty Advanced is the best fastpitch softball catcher’s mitt. It is durable, quality made and requires little break-in time.