Fastpitch softball gloves are essential equipment. There are countless options on the market from many quality softball brands so you can easily get confused and don’t know which one to choose.

Because of that, we have tested the most popular gloves on the market and have put up this list of the best softball gloves so you can easily choose the right one that will help you in becoming the best on the field.

Here you will learn about all the details of high-quality gloves, how to find the right glove size for you,  how to break them in and how to properly take care of them.

Let’s get into it.

Softball glove on a field
Rawlings Sporting Goods
Liberty Advanced
The perfect fastpitch glove. It has it
all: durability, quality materials, and
above all, it performs amazingly.
Wilson A2000 Softball Outfield Glove
Wilson A2000
Fastpitch Glove Series
Wilson A2000 is a great fastpitch
glove series made by the finest
leather in the game.
Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpitch Softball Gloves
Mizuno MVP Prime
Fastpitch Glove Series
Mizuno MVP Prime have fantastic
feel and fit and offer great

Top 10 Best Rated Softball Gloves (2024)

1. Rawlings Sporting Goods Liberty Advanced – Best Infield Softball Glove

Rawlings Sporting Goods Liberty Advanced

Rawlings’ Liberty Advanced series has perfectly-balanced gloves especially tailored for female athletes’ hands. The single post, double bar web is durable, easy to see through and cups the ball nicely.

This glove is made out of full-grain oil-treated leather, and comes 80% broken-in out of the box; it’s fairly easy to break in and will last you a long time with proper care and maintenance. That is one of the best qualities of this glove. To protect the palm and the index finger and reduce the sting felt, this glove has Poron XRD pads.

Rawlings Liberty Advanced is one of the best options if you are looking for a quality, durable fastpitch infield or outfield glove that will last you many years and in our opinion, the absolute best softball gloves for 2022.

2. Wilson A2000 – Best Softball Outfield Glove

Wilson A2000 Outfield Softball Glove

A2000 fastpitch glove series is a legendary glove series made by Wilson. The new series has some great features: Fastpitch patterns which are designed for female athletes, Drawstring Wrist Closure for better comfort and immediate adjustment, and Pro Stock Leather.

Let’s talk now about our favorite thing about this glove, which is leather. It is called SuperSkin, which is a very light leather that adds to the durability so the glove lasts you years and of course, makes a glove lighter. Also to note, SuperSkin is twice as strong as regular leather.

The Wilson A2000 has one of the deepest pockets of all the glove series that we have tested.

The design of this glove is very nice also, with multiple beautiful colorways to choose from. This is undoubtedly one of the best glove series on the market right now.

3. Mizuno MVP Prime

Mizuno MVP Prime Fastpich Gloves

The Mizuno MVP Prime Glove Series are professional-level gloves for players on a smaller budget so they can take your game to the next level. The gloves have good padding and are an easy and snug fit for a female hand since they are designed for a female’s hand.

One of the things that we didn’t like is the stiffness of the leather, it was too stiff and that makes the break-in time longer. After you do that, it performs amazingly, definitely exceeding our initial expectations.

Let’s talk about the stitching that these gloves have. They have professional stitching and are made of handcrafted bio-leather that gives the MVP Prime an incredible level of softness and durability.

Mizuno MVP Prime is recommended for pitchers and infielders.

4. Nokona X2 Buckaroo

Nokona X2 Buckaroo X2-V1250

Nokona is an all-American company that makes all-American gloves, and the Nokona X2 Buckaroo is one of the best hand-made gloves you can get. Most players refer to them as the “Cadillac of gloves”, because of their high quality, durability, and the fact they’re 100% USA-made softball gloves.

The two-piece hybrid leather design utilizes the softer kangaroo leather with the harder, tougher steer hide leather that provides a very tight fit.

There are of course a couple of downsides to the and those are the break-in time and the price. The break-in time can be longer because of the stiffness of the leather and they are definitely one of the highest-priced gloves on this list, but that is only because once you break them in properly, they perform amazingly.

If the price was a bit lower, they would be in the top three spots on this list, but you can expect them to be cheaper since they are made from quality leather and have exquisite craftsmanship.

This is a serious glove for serious players who want to step their game up.

5. Rawlings Heart Of The Hide

Rawling Heart Of The Hide Fastpitch Glove Series

This glove series from Rawlings is designed for elite softball players and also can be used by high school players. Heart Of The Hide is very well constructed, has excellent quality and once it’s broken in it will perform excellently.

It is made of full-grain leather, the same leather Rawlings uses to construct their famous baseball gloves. Rawlings made this series with zero chock palm padding for protection and adjustable pull-strap closure for a better fit.

There are not a lot of bad things we can say about this glove series from Rawlings, other than the break-in period, which is, as we mentioned before, long on a high-quality glove.

The Heart Of The Hide is recommended for outfielders and pitchers and is designed for the female’s hand.

6. Easton Professional Collection SIGNATURE Series Fastpitch Softball Gloves

What Easton has done with this specific glove series in collaboration with softball legends like Jen Shroeder and Haylie McCleney is to try to design and engineer a glove series for professionals that need specific features that will get them to perform to the best of their abilities. They have certainly done that, and even more.

All of the gloves are made from premium reserve USA steer hide leather along with pro-grade rawhide lace, so you know you are getting the best of the best in terms of leather quality. They also feature the Quantum Closure System, for easy fitting and getting better control of the softball.

Now, all of these features and premium craftsmanship come at a price, but it’s certainly worth it if you are an advanced player.

7. Easton Ghost Tournament Elite

Easton Ghost Tournament Elite Softball Gloves

This glove from Easton is designed for females’ hands specifically so you can expect a fantastic fit. These glove series carry the same name as their very popular fastpitch bat, the Ghost.

The Easton Ghost Tournament Elite has some amazing features to it; it has an open back for a more secure fit which is called the Quantum Closure System and has specific patterns to match the size of a female’s hands. And the leather used to make them is pure quality. It’s called the Diamond PRO Steer USA and it has a top-quality, soft lining.

The only downside to these gloves is the break-in time, as with any high-quality fastpitch gloves. But, these can take a couple of months to break in.

Except that, these gloves from Easton are highly recommended for high-school players.

8. Wilson Aura

Wilson Aura Fastpitch Glove Series

If you are a developing player on a budget, the Wilson Aura is a perfect choice for you, and let us tell you why.

The leather used to make the Aura, the “top grain leather” gives you an amazing feel and lightness. It has a dual post web pattern and features a full leather construction. This glove truly helps in elevating your game if you are a young player. The best thing about the Aura, other than its price, is that they need very little break-in time.

The fit could be a bit better, but we weren’t expecting the perfect fit for a glove at this price range.

The British Tan/Black, British Tan/White, and Ivory/Dark Brown colorways are available.

9. Rawlings Shut Out – Best Youth Softball Glove

Rawlings Shut Out Fastpitch Youth Glove

The Rawlings Shut Out gloves series is the best youth softball glove for a couple of good reasons. We had high expectations and Rawlings delivered perfectly.

First, the glove is crazy comfortable, which is a super important factor for young and developing players. That is made possible by the soft, full-grain leather that the Shut Out is made from. At this price point, to have a glove that is made from leather is an incredible thing. That also adds to the great level of durability that these gloves have; they will easily last a couple of seasons.

Second, it has a quick break-in time so you can use it pretty much right off the bat. Rawlings says that it’s 80% factory broken in and we believe that to be a hundred percent true.

There are also a couple of other features that make this glove great like the flex it has and how responsive it is.

You can see now why this glove series from Rawlings is the best for youth players. It is comfortable, durable, performs very well, and most importantly, has great value.

10. Mizuno Prime Elite

Mizuno Prime Elite Fastpitch Softball Glove Series

The exceptional Mizuno Prime Elite gloves are crafted specifically for the best fastpitch players. They are made from professional leather that is soft and has an amazing feel, one of the best in the game. The leather is also very durable.

The glove features professional glove patterns and Finger Core Technology which, when playing a tough play, assists in getting better control and giving more flexibility to the player.

The great thing about the Prime Elite is a short break-in period.

It also looks amazing in this White/Grey colorway.

Fastpitch Softball Glove Elements

Every softball glove is composed of different elements. These elements vary depending on a style of a glove and player’s position.

Sofball glove diagram with elements


Webbing is the part that connects the thumb to the fingers. There are two types of webbing, closed and open. Pitchers usually go for the closed webbing to help them hide the ball from the hitter. First base players often prefer an open web, because it allows them to see through when catching fly balls and allows faster transfer to the throwing hand.


Pocket is the indentation in the palm of a glove. The size of the pocket depends on the position you play. Shallow pockets are for middle infielders so they can quickly grab and throw the ball. Deeper pockets help outfielders bring in fly balls. Pockets on softball gloves are bigger because of the larger size of the softball.


Back is the part of the glove behind your wrist and it can be open or closed. Open back design with an open space above ankle strap allows for a better mobility and a faster ball turnaround, while closed back gives extra strength and support for catching pop flies.


The wrist adjustment gives the glove snug fit to your hand. These can either be Velcro, that offers the convenience of pulling and adjusting to your comfort level , a buckle system, laced, or a D-ring fastener that allows you to pull on the lacing and make the glove tighter.

How to Choose the Right Softball Glove

When shopping for a glove there are a few points you should take into consideration, including length, web design, and style. One of the most important things to consider is choosing a right glove for the position you will be playing. Whether you’re an A-level or a rookie, it is essential that you choose the mitt best suited for the type of player you are.


Outfield gloves are larger gloves, made for diving catches and catching fly balls. These gloves are usually longer and deeper with extra support in the fingers. The pockets for fastpitch softball can be closed webs because they need to be extra deep due to the size of the softball. The typical size of an outfielder’s softball glove is 9 to 15 inches.


A catcher’s mitt is the largest on the field because catcher needs to be able to handle and hold onto high speed pitching. It also has the deepest pocket and it does not have separately cut fingers like gloves for other positions. Catcher’s mitts are measured differently: they are measured around the circumference of the glove to capture the entire catching area of the mitt. The standard size range is 29.5 to 35 inches for softball.

Easton Core Series ECGFP 2000 Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

Easton Synergy

Easton Synergy SYEFP 1200 Infield Fastpitch Glove


A first baseman’s glove is similar to the catcher’s mitt, only longer. It is also not as heavily padded around the fingers and the thumb of the mitt is not padded at all. The pocket of these gloves are a bit shallower to allow faster ball-to-hand transfer. First basemen should keep gloves to around 1 inch past the fingertips to maintain a greater amount of control. The typical size range for softball is from 11.5 to 13 inches.


Infielders need gloves designed for constant action. These gloves are shorter and have a shallower pocket than others. They are designed for players that play shortstop, second base or third base. Sizing is mainly the personal preference. Many middle infielders are also a “utility” players, which means they will play many or all positions, so they will opt for the larger glove to help them in the outfield.


Pitchers don’t usually need specialized gloves. The most important thing for the pitcher is comfort and the ability to hide the ball. Most pitchers choose closed webbing over open to prevent the batter from seeing the ball and not to give away the pitch before they begin their motion.


Batting gloves are a different kind of gloves for softball. They are made to protect player’s hand while swinging the bat. Every inch of these gloves is specially designed to give you the best grip, comfort and performance and to prevent stings and blisters from hitting.

Fun Fact:

People tend to use terms “glove” and “mitt” as they were the same. However, there is a difference! Gloves have distinct finger separations, and mitts do not. Mitts are used by catchers and first basemen, while gloves are used by the players on all other positions.

Fastpitch Softball Glove Sizing Gide

What Glove Size Do I Need?

Proper fit is essential for a player to maintain control of the glove and the ball. A softball glove should give you a snug fit and you should be able to easily open and close the glove around the ball. The size of the glove depends on the position on the field and on the players age, since younger players typically have smaller hands.

Fastpitch gloves size chart

Please note that this table is purely guidelines. It is possible that young players have smaller or bigger hands than average, so the glove size should be chosen accordingly.

Leather for the Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Other than design, the biggest difference in softball gloves makes the leather they are made of. The quality of material is what determines the price, but also the durability and the overall feel. The softball gloves can be made of synthetic leather, cowhide and pigskin, full-grain leather or steer hide.


Generally the cheapest and are recommended for very young players that do not play on high level because they give solid performance at economic price.


Great choice for serious players. Cowhide breaks in quickly and is gives pretty good flexibility. But beware: quality of cowhide can vary greatly from one manufacturer to the other.


The type of leather that offers heavier weight and durability. One thing you need to know it that there are not standardized guidelines on what is considered to be premium steer hide. That is why it’s important to stick with the established brands.


Stiff and heavy and requires more time to break in. These leathers are rarely pre-oiled. Once broken in, full grain leather is superior in both performance and durability and it is used by many premium and pro series players.

GLOVE COST: Softball gloves come in various prices. You can purchase gloves in retail stores, sporting goods stores, and online. Glove is an investment and you should get the right quality for the price you pay. This of course doesn’t mean that the most expensive glove will; be the best, but don’t go for the cheapest one either. You should be prepared to pay for the quality you expect. Don’t let price be the reason to buy poor quality glove, because it will hurt your performance on the field.

How to Care for Your Softball Glove

When you purchase a brand new softball glove it is important to break it in properly. The best way to break in a glove is to use specially designed glove oil. It keeps the leather “alive” softens it up, while minimizing weight gain. Apply a very small amount of glove oil to a sponge or cloth, then apply the oil to the areas of the glove that are currently firm. Work the oil into the leather evenly. The general rule is to care for the leather of the glove, like you would care for your own skin. Exposure to harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures or excessive moisture requires extra care.

There are few important points to remember considering the softball glove care:

  • You should never put too much oil/glove conditioner on the leather, as it will damage it and shorten its life.
  • Leave the glove in warm temperature for 24 hours to allow oil to absorb.
  • To make sure that your glove is ready for the game you need to practice with it every day.
  • When you finish the season, apply oil very lightly to avoid the glove becoming brittle.
  • Store your glove with a ball in the pocket to keep its shape.
  • Never try to soften your glove by warming it up in an oven or a microwave, it will damage the leather fibers.
  • Do not use linseed oil or silicon based spray, these will close the pores and cause the glove to harden and dry.
  • Do not apply glove oil directly to the leather, it is too concentrated.
  • Water will cause leather to dry out and crack.
  • The higher the quality of the leather the harder it is to break in.
  • There is no shortcut to breaking in a glove, playing catch is still the best way.

Best Brands For Softball Gloves

Rawlings Sporting GoodsRawlings is one of the premier softball brands. It has been around for over 130 years and they specialize in high quality baseball and softball equipment.

Wilson is one of the biggest sports equipment manufacturers in the world. They produce equipment for a huge number of sports and in softball they are known for their quality gloves and catcher’s mitts.

Nokona is an American brand that produces equipment for sports, specializing in baseball equipment. Their softball gloves are top of the like and Nokona is one of the few brands that make their softball and baseball leather gloves in the USA.

EastonEaston is a great brand that makes baseball and softball bats, gloves, etc. Their products are some of the most popular on the market.

Louisville SluggerLouisville Slugger is another brand on this list that has been producing equipment for more than 100 years and they are a synonym for exquisite craftsmanship and quality.

Mizuno is the only non-US brand on this list. Mizuno is a Japanese sports company founded in 1906 that is producing equipment for different sports, including softball.


All About Fastpitch gives reviews and recommendations aimed to help you make better and more informed decisions when purchasing your softball glove. On these pages you can find some of the best fastpitch softball gloves for this season. Whether you are looking for an infielder’s glove, outfielder’s glove, catcher’s mitt or a first baseman mitt, we hope to offer you information that will help you make the right choice.


Rawlings Liberty Advanced

The Liberty Advanced have it all; they are durable, comfortable, they break-in quickly and are suitable for high school, college and pro players!