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1.DeMarini CF Batting Gloves

DeMarini CF Batting Gloves For Softball

These batting gloves from DeMarini are quite amazing. They fit very well and are quite flexible which is very important for a good quality batting glove. They are very light and add a lot of grip with is necessary for getting good and precise hits.

The DeMarini CF batting gloves feature a pro-grade wrist strap which adds even more to the already fantastic fit that these have. The CF gloves come in a variety of different colorways and any of them look amazing. 

We give this pair of gloves from DeMarini a 5/5 star rating and that makes them one of the best-rated batting gloves on this list. 

Highly recommended.

2.Louisville Slugger Omaha

Louisville Slugger Omaha Adult Glove

Louisville Slugger is one of the best brands when it comes to softball and baseball equipment. All of their products and made with quality and these batting gloves are no exception. 

The quality and the fit on these are top of the line, something you would expect from a brand like Louisville Slugger. They also look nice whatever colorway you look at. 

They add a lot of grip to help you get those good power hits even easier. Comfort-wise, they could be a bit better but they still are at the very top. Overall, if you could ask for a near-perfect fastpitch batting glove that looks great, fits, and performs great, look no further than the Louisville Slugger Omaha.

3.Franklin Sports CFX Pro Softball Batting Gloves

The CFX Pro gloves from Franklin Sports are batting gloves that are used by professional fastpitch players, so you can expect high-quality gloves.

The great thing about these gloves is that they are designed for female’s hands, and because of that you can expect perfect fit and comfort. It is very easy to get them on and once you hold the handle for the very first time with these gloves you will feel how much grip they provide.

Since they are made from quality, premium leather, the durability that these batting gloves have is one of the best in the game. There are several colorways available but the red one is our favorite!

4. Mizuno F-257 Batting Gloves

Mizuno F257 Batting Gloves

The Mizuno F-257 are gloves that look very elegant and are gloves that have amazing comfort. Like most of the batting gloves on this list, these also come in a variety of different colorways but the white one just looks the best for us. These have a palm made from Cabretta leather – a great quality leather. 

Flex mesh gives the Mizuno F-257 flexibility and breathability which is one of the most important factors you should look at when picking a glove. 

The cool thing that Mizuno has added to this batting glove is that you could add a name on your glove. Durability-wise, these are maybe not the best but they still have some good durability.

5. Under Armour Motive Batting Gloves

Under Armout Motive Batting Gloves For Softball

Under Armour is one of the biggest sports manufacturers in the world and they produce equipment for a variety of sports including fastpitch softball. These Under Armour batting gloves have performed very well in all our tests.

The palms are made from synthetic leather unlike other batting gloves on our list and they feature an Under Armour technology called Armour GrabTack technology which provides a lot of grip, maybe the most of all other gloves on this top 10 list.

Wrist support is great and the fit is also. They are a bit pricier than the other gloves but are definitely worth the money if you are looking for a glove that gives a lot of grip.

6. Easton ZF7 VRS Hyperskin Adult Batting Gloves

Easton ZF7 VRS Hyperskin

The ZF7 VRS Hyperskin are some of the best gloves that Easton makes, one of the premier brands in the fastpitch softball world. These are maybe the best option if you are looking for a comfortable glove.

The ZF7 VRS is just great in that department. They also give a good amount of grip because of the goatskin leather that they are made of.

The padding on these Easton batting gloves is great and they are also one of the best batting gloves that prevent blisters. These are a good, solid pair of batting gloves from Easton that have a lot of comfort, good grip, and good durability and are definitely worth the great price.

Now that we have reviewed the best softball batting gloves for adults, it is time to check out the 5 best batting gloves for youth fastpitch players.

Fastpitch Batting Gloves For Youth Players – 5 Top Picks

Mizuno Finch Fastpitch
Batting Gloves

B-A-R PRO 2.0
Youth 5150

1. Mizuno Finch Youth Batting Glove Series

This batting glove series from Mizuno are made in a great collaboration with the two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Jennie Finch, so you know in advance that they are going to be high quality, high-performance batting gloves to help youth softball players step their game up another level. 

These perform great; they have enough padding, great comfort, and give a lot of grip which is needed to perform better. A very important thing with these gloves from Mizuno is that they are engineered for a female’s hand so there is no surprise that they have a fantastic fit. 

For a youth fastpitch player, these are hands down the best batting gloves in the game.

2. Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0

These gloves from Seibertron are one of the most comfortable batting gloves we have ever tested. They are definitely our preferred choice when it comes to comfort and is a pair of gloves that greatly prevents blisters.

They feature grip tips made from silicone that add a large amount of grip to the glove. The Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 performs amazingly in all conditions and the big bonus is that they are machine washable.

Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 is a very popular batting glove and for all the right reasons; they are amazingly comfortable, have good grip, are one of the coolest batting gloves around, and most importantly, they perform great; all the things a good quality fastpitch batting glove needs to possess.


3. Rawlings Youth 5150 Batting Glove Series

Rawlings is a company with a great tradition that produces high-quality baseball and softball equipment and are renowned for their amazing craftsmanship quality. Among other things they produce quality batting gloves, and their Youth 5150 batting gloves certainly fall in that category. 

These gloves for youth players have a fantastic feel to them made possible by Flexfit Heathered material. They also greatly reduce the shock produced when hitting a fastpitch softball which is a great feature. 

The design, built quality, and colorway are amazing and these will surely stand out in the crowd. These are worth the price and we highly recommend them. 

4. Easton Gametime Batting Glove Series

Easton Gametime

As their name suggests, Easton Gametime youth batting glove series is ready to perform at the top level of the game. They can also be used for baseball, they come in adult sizes and many different, elegant, clean colorways. They have a palm made from goatskin leather and a thumb made from synthetic materials. 

Performance-wise they are top of the line, they offer good amounts of grip but have less amount of padding than some other youth batting gloves as they are thinner than them. They also have a 30mm neoprene band for a better fit. These are definitely some of the best Easton youth batting gloves.

5. Easton Walk-Off Batting Gloves

EASTON WALK-OFF Batting Glove Series

Easton Walk-Off batting gloves are made for youth and adult players and are made from three materials: goatskin leather, silicone, and neoprene. They come in a variety of awesome colorways like the Army Camo and Blue Stars & Stripes.

Like another model from Easton, the Gameready, these also feature a 30mm neoprene band. Another good thing about these gloves is that they are made for durability and will last longer than some other gloves. These also offer a very good grip.

Overall, a very durable and good-looking glove that we would recommend.


Do I Need Batting Gloves for Softball?

It is a debate as to whether you should use batting gloves for fastpitch softball. In short, they are not a necessary piece of softball equipment. But, they provide many good things that can help you hit better and improve your game. Unlike other pieces of softball equipment, quality batting gloves for softball are not at all expensive and they provide great value.

The main area in which they help the hitter is the better connection between the hitter and a fastpitch bat. They provide a great amount of grip that can help in accomplishing better hits and leveling up your game. That grip that they provide reduces the chances of hands sliding all over the bat and instead they give a good, consistent grip. Secondly, they greatly reduce the feeling of shock when you hit a mishit outside of the bat’s sweet spot which is an important thing. 

They can also prevent getting blisters on your hand which can happen when you practice a lot without wearing gloves.

What to Consider When Looking for a New Pair of Batting Gloves

The most important things to consider when choosing the right and quality softball pair of batting gloves are comfortgrip, durabilitybreathabilityhand protection, and blister prevention. A good pair of batting gloves should be comfortable, because who would want to play in something that doesn’t feel comfortable. They should have a good amount of softness to them so you can play longer while wearing them. Grip and durability are other huge factors that impact a choice of gloves. As we said earlier, a batting glove should provide a good amount of grip to help you establish a better connection with a bat and a glove that doesn’t have enough grip isn’t a good glove.

Moving on to durability; even if the good pair of batting gloves are not that expensive, you should still look at a glove that will last you some time and not rip after two weeks or during a game. Speaking of playing a game, sweating while playing will start happening inevitably, and to prevent huge sweating you should look for a glove that has enough breathability to reduce it.

Now, moving on to blister prevention and hand protection. These are factors that you shouldn’t overlook when choosing a glove because these are also important. Blisters can occur when hitting with a bat for too long and they can be pretty uncomfortable and it will take time for your hands to heal. To prevent that from happening, look for a glove that prevents blisters. Hand protection means that your glove has enough thick padding to protect your hands from mishit vibrations.

Differences Between Leather and Synthetic Batting Gloves

There are important differences between the two main materials used for producing fastpitch batting gloves: leather and synthetics. Batting gloves made from synthetic materials are the cheaper ones but they lack durability and quality. These can be recommended for very young players who will quickly outgrow them so they don’t waste the money on leather batting gloves that they will outgrow and not have a chance to wear them for a longer period. Batting gloves made from synthetic materials also lack grip and have some amount of stiffness to them.

On the other hand, fastpitch batting gloves made from quality leather are a completely different story. With these, you get a maximum level of grip, tons of comfort, and these types of gloves will last you much longer than the cheaper ones made from synthetic materials. They are more expensive but it is our suggestion to invest in them as they will perform much better than the synthetic ones.

Softball Batting Gloves Sizing Chart

Choosing a pair of fastpitch batting gloves that fit your hands perfectly is a must. You obviously don’t want gloves that are too small or too large because you can’t perform at the very highest level then. Always look to get your glove size to fit your hand snugly so you can get the best grip on the bat handle. Because batting gloves come in normal sizes (S, M, L) it is easy to choose the right size of a glove that will fit you perfectly.

Below is a sizing chart so you can know which size will fit your hands.

As for all clothing and shoes, not all sizes are universal so we would suggest you should look at the company’s size chart before purchasing new batting gloves.

XS 6.5-6.75
S 6.75-7
M 7-7.25
L 7.25-7.75
XL 7.75-8
XS 6.25-6.5
S 6.5-6.75
M 6.75-7
L 7-7.25
XL 7.25-7.75
S 6-6.25
M 6.25-6.5
L 6.5-6.75
XL 6.75-7

As for all clothing and shoes, not all sizes are universal so we would suggest you should look at the company’s size chart before purchasing a new softball batting glove.

Are there any Differences Between Softball and Baseball Batting Gloves?

There are obvious differences between the two sports but there are also many similarities, one of those similarities being in batting gloves. On the manufacturing side, we are speaking of padding, grip, materials there is almost no difference.

Many softball and baseball brands make gloves that can be used for both baseball and softball which is an amazing thing. One difference there is and is not very important performance-wise is the colorways of the batting gloves as the softball ones have a little bit more of a vibrant colorway as opposed to the baseball ones.

Best Brands for Softball Batting Gloves

Since there are so many brands that are producing batting gloves, it is easy to get confused and not know which are the best ones, so we have made a list of the best brands (that you can trust) that produce fastpitch batting gloves.


DeMarini is a top of the line softball brand. They have been founded by softball legend Roy DeMarini and are producing some of the most popular softball bats and other equipment.

Mizuno logoMizuno, a popular sports brand founded in Japan in 1906. They produce all types of softball equipment – bats, cleats and quality batting gloves.


Rawlings Sporting GoodsRawlings; A brand that has been around for over a 130 years and is producing some of the finest baseball and softball equipment in the world.

EastonEaston is a brand that is producing baseball, slowpitch and fastpitch softball equipment. They have made a revolution in baseball when they introduced one of the world’s first aluminum bats and they have been revolutionizing softball as well with their game-changing technologies.

Franklin Sports is a brand that was founded in 1945 and is making quality sports equipment ever since. They are most known for their baseball and softball batting gloves.

Under Armour is one of the world’s most popular sports brands and they are producing high-quality equipment for a variety of sports. Among those sports is softball and they are producing quality softball cleats and batting gloves.