Marucci Echo Connect Review

Marucci is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to baseball equipment, and their baseball bats are one of the most used in the whole MLB. As a very serious brand, Marucci aims to become a big name in the fastpitch market as well, and their flagship bat, the Marucci Echo Connect is full of great features.






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The new and upgraded Marucci Echo Connect improves on the 2020 Echo Connect, which was a very successful bat when it hit the market. You will notice that not a lot of things have changed on the outside, but, on the inside, the new MDX composite construction barrel makes a significant impact.

Construction & Features

The 2022 Echo Connect’s most notable improvement is its new barrel, called the MDX composite barrel, a barrel that offers much more response than that of its predecessor. With the addition of the MDX, the new Echo Connect also has a better sound. The Echo Connect is a two-piece composite bat that features a 2 1/4″ ring-free barrel construction.

The bat also has something that Marucci calls SDX EXT, their patent that significantly reduces vibrations getting to your hands. It also features a sting-free nylon knob, a very important addition, that improves the feel of the bat in your hands. With all of these features, the result is a fantastic bat that responds faster and has a smoother feel.

2 1/4″ Ring-free barrel construction
Carbon composite handle

Echo & Echo Connect Differences

Marucci’s two best fastpitch bats, the Echo and the Echo Connect may make some people confused about what the differences between the two are. There are several massive differences between these two bats that you should know before opting for which one to purchase.

Marucci Echo is a more affordable bat that has a one-piece construction and a 2nd Generation AV2 Anti-Vibration knob. The Echo Connect, on the other hand, features a two-piece construction and has a sting-free nylon knob. Another big difference is that the Echo doesn’t feature Marucci’s patented SDX EXT technology.


This bat is built to allow for a lot of pop, and it will not disappoint. The Marucci Echo Connect provides excellent pop with very little effort, right out of the wrapper. Another performance factor that really surprised us is the extremely fast exit speeds.

Nowadays, there are many bats on the market that struggle with durability, but that is not the case with the Echo Connect at all. This bat is built like a tank, and durability is one thing that, with this bat, you don’t have to worry about.

Power 92
Pop 96
Sound 96
Sweet Spot Hits 94
Durability 95


As we said earlier, with the new version of the Echo Connect, not a lot has changed on the outside. The looks of the bat are almost the same, with a combination of red, black, and grey colors on the barrel, along with the white Marucci logo.


Mostly underrated on the fastpitch bat market, the Marucci Echo Connect delivers even more than promised, and it’s no surprise that a softball star like AJ Andrews chooses this bat as her go-to bat. The durability is there, and the performance is better than expected. It doesn’t get much better than this, and the price is right too. If you’re looking for a great bat that won’t break the bank, you’ve found it.