Rawlings introduced the Mantra two seasons ago and it brought them back to the very top of elite fastpitch bats. The Mantra is designed to be a powerful and extremely durable bat, and the new Mantra+ takes that up a notch.

As a direct competitor of the Easton Ghost Advanced and the Louisville Slugger Meta, the 2023 Rawlings Mantra+ aims to deliver outstanding performance and solidify Rawlings’ position in the elite fastpitch bat market.

Rawligns Mantra+ 2023 Review


The Rawlings Mantra+ is a top-tier fastpitch bat designed for power and durability. It features innovative technologies such as the Power Sync Connect, enhancing performance and optimizing energy transfer upon contact. With its focus on power and resilience, the Mantra+ establishes itself as a formidable competitor in the elite fastpitch bat market.

Construction & Features

As with all high-performance fastpitch bats, the 2023 Rawlings Mantra+ features composite construction with an upgraded outer barrel. It features a resin layer that lowers the compression but also improves the overall durability.

What is interesting about the new Matra+ is that the barrel, the handle, and the connection piece are fused, making the bat stiffer and ultimately generating more power.

This model features a different connection piece than the regular Mantra. You may remember that the Mantra has a great F2 Collar, but the Mantra+ introduces us to the brand new Power Sync Connect, and that is the big news with this bat.

The Power Sync Connect is thinner than the F2 Collar, and a bit stiffer, providing an improved energy transfer and a more solid feel during the swing. This technology enhances the bat’s responsiveness and helps maximize power generation, allowing players to drive the ball with greater force.

With its thinner and stiffer design, the Power Sync Connect of the Rawlings Mantra+ sets it apart as an advanced feature that contributes to the bat’s overall performance and the hitter’s confidence at the plate.

You can also install the Blast Motion sensor so you can track your stats, analyze them, and improve your swing.

2-piece Composite
Fused Handle, Collar & Barrel
PowerSync Connection
Blast Motion Enabled Knob


The 2023 Rawlings Mantra+ is a high-performance fastpitch bat that delivers exceptional performance on the field. With its composite construction and upgraded outer barrel, the Mantra+ provides a solid foundation for powerful hits. The addition of a resin layer not only lowers compression but also enhances the bat’s overall durability, ensuring it withstands the demands of intense gameplay.

The weight, the pop, and the swing speed are all amazing, which makes the Mantra+ one of the very best, if not the best bat for power hitters right now.

Power 98
Pop 96
Sound 92
Sweet Spot Hits 97
Durability 99


The Mantra models always had a simple, yet elegant look. While the blue dominant color on the regular Mantra was combined with white lines, the Mantra+ has an inverted colorway. White background with light blue sharp lines and a Mantra logo looks striking in our opinion.

Rawlings Mantra+ 2023 Jocelyn Alo Special Edition

Jocelyn Alo is an American softball player who gained recognition for her exceptional skills and achievements in the sport. If you are her fan, grab the Mantra+ 2023 Jocelyn Alo Special Edition!

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In conclusion, the 2023 Rawlings Mantra+ stands as a high-performance fastpitch bat that offers an impressive combination of power and durability.

If you’re a serious fastpitch player seeking a top-tier bat that maximizes energy transfer, enhances responsiveness, and allows you to drive the ball with greater force, the Rawlings Mantra+ with its advanced features is a compelling choice. It promises to elevate your performance and instill confidence at the plate, making it a worthy investment for players aspiring to excel in the game of fastpitch softball.