Softball Equipment Reviews

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap Fastpitch Bat Review

The absolute best fastpitch bat that comes from Axe is the new Avenge Pro Power Gap. Packed with a ton of new features, the Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap promises to be a serious competitor in the high-performance fastpitch bat market. It feels truly comfortable in the hands and right out of the wrapper [...]

2022 Easton Ghost Advanced vs DeMarini Prism+

When it comes to choosing between the new Easton Ghost Advanced and the DeMarini Prism, two popular and high-performance fastpitch bats, there are several factors to consider before you commit to one over the other. It's no secret that the Easton Ghost Advanced bat is one of the best bats on the market. With [...]

Easton Ghost Advanced 2022 Review

One of the most anticipated fastpitch bats for the upcoming season is finally here in its full glory. The new version of the great Easton Ghost Advanced promises to be an even better bat than its predecessor. While not a lot of things have changed regarding the design of the bat, more importantly, there [...]

Atec M3X Review – The Ultimate Softball/Baseball Pitching Machine

When choosing the best softball pitching machine for your needs, things can get a little complicated because there are a ton of models on the market. This pitching machine for softball is right there at the top, with the very best of them. That pitching machine comes from Atec, and it's called the M3X. With [...]

Best Softball Pitching Machines – 2022 Reviews

One of the most helpful tools for improving your game is certainly a good pitching machine. They can help in improving parts of your game, such as mechanics, timing, and confidence, just to name a few. When comparing pitching machines to live training with a teammate, the pitching machine can go on and on, [...]

Louisville Slugger LXT vs Louisville Slugger Meta – 2022 Comparison

When you think about Louisville Slugger's lineup of fastpitch bats, chances are that the first bat that will come to mind is the LXT, and rightfully so. It's their most popular fastpitch bat and the one that has been upgraded year over year. But, for the new season, Louisville Slugger has introduced a brand [...]

Mizuno Samurai Softball Catcher’s Gear Review

Mizuno Samurai is Mizuno's best catcher's gear for softball catchers. It consists of the helmet, the shin guards, and the chest protector. The Samurai uses Mizuno's advanced technology to make one of the most comfortable and protective catcher's gear that you can find on the market. This softball catcher's gear is designed to protect [...]

EvoShield PRO-Srz Softball Catcher’s Gear Review

Founded in 2005, EvoShield is a brand that produces some of the most technologically advanced catcher's gear for both baseball and softball. Their gear is used by some great players in both sports, and their popularity will surely continue to rise. USA Softball catcher Aubre Mooro wears EvoShield gear, so that should tell you [...]

Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve Review

Getting a knee injury during a practice or a game is never a pleasant feeling. Maybe you've informed yourself about the shorter recovery when you are wearing a knee sleeve, or you are just looking for a knee sleeve that will compress your muscles and get you to perform better, faster. Copper Compression is [...]

Best Compression Sleeves For Softball – 2022 Review

Wearing an arm sleeve while playing can have many benefits. From improving blood circulation to acting as a shield for your arm, compression sleeves are gaining more and more popularity, and rightfully so. They are quite affordable pieces of equipment that can influence your game. But, as with other pieces of equipment, there are [...]

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