Picking the right bat is one of the most important decisions in the game of fastpitch softball. Our constantly updated list of the latest and the most popular fastpitch bats will help you decide. Browse through our reviews and find out everything you need to know to choose the bat that is correct size, weight, length, and stays within your price range.

DeMarini CF 2021 Review – The best light-swinging bat on the market

2021 DeMarini lineup of fastpitch bats is a great one and the new CF is one of their best fastpitch bats. They were once the most popular bats in the world, and they are still right there at the top when it comes to popularity and quality. Last year's model was a phenomenal one, [...]

Louisville Slugger Meta 2022 Review – The Hottest Bat Right Now!

Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch 2022 bat is the most wanted and hyped bat in the market right now, with a lot of expectations to prove. Brand new and revolutionary technology is added to Meta to ensure that you fall in love at first sight. Meta obviously is a high-performance fastpitch bat and without a [...]

Easton Ghost Double Barrel 2022 Fastpitch Bat Review – The best bat for power hitters

One of the most popular bats of 2021, the Easton Ghost Double Barrel is back with a couple of new features and an all-new, glorious colorway. The older version was the fastpitch bat that you could hit rockets with and was always at the top of the list of the hottest bats in the [...]

Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 – Review Of The Most Popular Bat

Louisville Slugger LXT is one of the most popular, if not the most popular fastpitch bat on the market right now. The LXT was always a synonym for speed and balance. Last year's Slugger LXT was a high-performance bat, but we wanted to see what new stuff the 2021 LXT brings to the table, [...]

2021 Louisville Slugger Xeno Review – A great fastpitch bat with lots of pop!

Louisville Slugger Xeno is one of the most popular fastpitch bats on the market and rightfully so. The last year's Xeno was a quality, high-performance bat that has a stiffer feel that power hitters prefer and some fantastic technologies in it. Finally, this year Louisville Slugger Xeno is out and we get to see if [...]

Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Bat Review – Is It Worth It?

Rawlings Mantra is the newest addition in the Rawlings' line of high-end fastpitch bats. The last high-end bat they made was the Quatro Pro, a bat that has performed very well. Now, they have released the Mantra, a bat that should give you more pop and a better feel. Has Rawlings succeeded in making an [...]

Easton Ghost Vs Louisville Slugger LXT – Which One Should You Get?

  There are plenty of fastpitch bats that come out every year from various popular softball brands. But, very few are more popular than the Easton Ghost and Louisville Slugger's most popular bat, the LXT. Choosing between these two can be difficult and time-consuming because both have a lot of advantages. So, to make that [...]

Louisville Slugger 2021 RXT Fastpitch Bat Review

2020 version of the Louisville Slugger RXT was one of the most comfortable fastpitch bats on the market. The idea behind the RXT is that they wanted to produce a fastpitch bat that will give the player a large sweet spot and huge amounts of power on contact. So they made the RXT a blend [...]

2021 Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Aluminum Bat Review

The Anderson Bat Company is an American company that has been producing fantastic slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats and their best models, the Rocketech Carbon and Rocketech Aluminum are updated for the 2021 softball season. This model, the Rocketech Aluminum, comes in a -9 drop and is just a power hitter's dream to hit [...]

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