Softball Bats Top Brands and Latest Picks

Picking the right bat is one of the most important decisions in the game of fastpitch softball. Our constantly updated list of the latest and the most popular fastpitch bats will help you decide. Browse through our reviews and find out everything you need to know to choose the bat that is correct size, weight, length, and stays within your price range.

Rawlings Mantra+ 2023 Fastpitch Bat Review

Rawlings introduced the Mantra two seasons ago and it brought them back to the very top of elite fastpitch bats. The Mantra is designed to be a powerful and extremely durable bat, and the new Mantra+ takes that up a notch. As a direct competitor of the Easton Ghost Advanced and the Louisville Slugger [...]

2023 DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat Review

DeMarini has always been a brand that makes one of the bats for baseball and softball players that you can get. This year, they have upgraded the Prism+, released a brand new bat called the DeMarini Whisper, and upgraded their ultra-popular model called the DeMarini CF. The DeMarini CF has always been one of [...]

2023 DeMarini Whisper Fastpitch Bat Review

It's here. The all-new high-performance fastpitch bat from DeMarini for the upcoming season engineered to take upon the likes of the Easton Ghost Unlimited and the Louisville Slugger Meta, the 2023 DeMarini Whisper promises an exciting and exhilarating performance. As one of the leading brands in the baseball and softball equipment world, DeMarini has [...]

Marucci Echo Connect Composite Fastpitch Bat 2022 Review

Marucci is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to baseball equipment, and their baseball bats are one of the most used in the whole MLB. As a very serious brand, Marucci aims to become a big name in the fastpitch market as well, and their flagship bat, the Marucci Echo Connect is [...]

2022 Easton Firefly Fastpitch Bat Review – Easton’s Best Fastpitch Bat for Youth Players

The Firefly is Easton's premium youth fastpitch bat, that offers high performance at an affordable price. Easton Firefly features some of Easton's top technologies usually reserved for their high-end models, such as the Connexion+ Technology. Is it the right bat for you? Let's jump in and find out. Overview [...]

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited Fastpitch Bat Review

The Easton Ghost line of fastpitch bats are some of the highest performing bats on the market, and they just got the newest addition. Welcome the 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited, a bat that brings new and exciting innovations to the table. Do the new innovations make the Easton Ghost Unlimited a contender for the [...]

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap Fastpitch Bat Review

The absolute best fastpitch bat that comes from Axe is the new Avenge Pro Power Gap. Packed with a ton of new features, the Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap promises to be a serious competitor in the high-performance fastpitch bat market. It feels truly comfortable in the hands and right out of the wrapper [...]

2022 Easton Ghost Advanced vs DeMarini Prism+

When it comes to choosing between the new Easton Ghost Advanced and the DeMarini Prism, two popular and high-performance fastpitch bats, there are several factors to consider before you commit to one over the other. It's no secret that the Easton Ghost Advanced bat is one of the best bats on the market. With [...]

Easton Ghost Advanced 2022 Review

One of the most anticipated fastpitch bats for the upcoming season is finally here in its full glory. The new version of the great Easton Ghost Advanced promises to be an even better bat than its predecessor. While not a lot of things have changed regarding the design of the bat, more importantly, there [...]

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