Softball Catcher’s Gear Top Picks And Reviews

All Star AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit Review – The Best Choice For An Elite Softball Player

The All Star AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit is a high-performance catcher's equipment kit that is designed for the best of the best softball catchers. Its new and improved helmet, leg guards, and chest protector are constructed from premium materials and are designed to offer maximum protection. The AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit has many features that [...]

Mizuno Samurai Softball Catcher’s Gear Review

Mizuno Samurai is Mizuno's best catcher's gear for softball catchers. It consists of the helmet, the shin guards, and the chest protector. The Samurai uses Mizuno's advanced technology to make one of the most comfortable and protective catcher's gear that you can find on the market. This softball catcher's gear is designed to protect [...]

EvoShield PRO-Srz Softball Catcher’s Gear Review

Founded in 2005, EvoShield is a brand that produces some of the most technologically advanced catcher's gear for both baseball and softball. Their gear is used by some great players in both sports, and their popularity will surely continue to rise. USA Softball catcher Aubre Mooro wears EvoShield gear, so that should tell you [...]

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