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Medicine Ball Exercises for Softball Players – Top 3 Exercises

If you want to improve your swing, throw better, run faster, and increase your stability then the best thing you can do is build your strength. A medicine ball is a piece of equipment that is designed to increase your strength drastically, so now you are going to learn about the top 3 medicine [...]

5 Great Weight Training Exercises for Softball Players

Weight training is essential for softball players. Working out with weight brings many benefits: drastically improves your strength, improves your heart health, improves flexibility, and on the mental side, which is equally as important, boosts your self-confidence. So, we can't stress enough how important for a softball player is to regularly train with weights. [...]

5 Best Exercises that will Strengthen the Throwing Arm – for Softball Players

Improving throwing velocity is vital for any softball player who is serious about their game and wants to reach the fullest potential. There are many exercises and drills you can perform to increase the strength and velocity of your throwing arm. In this article, we’ll be going over the 5 best softball exercises that can [...]

Best OU Softball Players – Top 5 Players That Have Played for Sooners

The Oklahoma Sooners softball team has been a force to be reckoned with throughout the years. They have brought home a total of 5 NCAA championships, including 4 in the last decade. The Sooners have also won 13 conference titles. With the successes they have had throughout its history since the founding of the [...]

5 Best Upper Body Exercises for Softball Players

In this article, we’ll introduce some of the best upper body exercises for softball players. The goal of these exercises is to develop strength, power, and endurance in your arms, shoulders, and chest. Softball is one demanding sport. Not only does it require great cardio, lower body and core strength, but it also requires [...]

Workouts For Softball Players – Improve Your Game With These Exercises

Softball is an intense, exciting sport. Players always need to be on top of their game, have blazing fast reactions, and have the strength and conditioning to endure the whole game. To become a better softball player, the focus needs to be on improving the upper body, lower body, and core strength, along with [...]

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