DeMarini Spryte Review

Along with the new high-end fastpitch bats that DeMarini released for the 2022 season, we also see the release of the newest version of their best bat for the youth players, the DeMarini Spryte.

This comes as a very pleasant surprise because we haven’t seen the Spryte for the 2021 season. The last model was considered one of the very best composite bats for youth players, so we were very curious to see what improvements has DeMarini made to the new Spryte to make it better.

Let’s jump into the review of the 2022 DeMarini Spryte.

Construction and features

Most of the time when we speak of youth softball bats, we speak of one-piece aluminum bats. But, that isn’t the case with the DeMarini Spryte. The Spryte features a two-piece composite construction, something that is seen much more on the expensive, high-performance bats for professional players.

2022 DeMarini Spyte -12

One of the best composite bats for youth players

Updated DeMarini Spryte for the 2022 season is a bat that has a lot of pop and as an evenly-balanced bat will be a great option for those looking to improve their swing.

So, with the composite construction, young players who swing this bat may have a higher chance to get used to the feel of composite bats when they grow up and move on to the heavier, composite bats.

The new Spryte features a Paradox Composite Barrel, like the older model, which gives this bat a great feel. The end cap found on the DeMarini Spryte is the Big D End Cap, a piece that absorbs vibrations that the hitter can feel on their hands on mishits. Removing a lot of vibrations means a player who swings this bat can focus much more on improving the swing.

Since this is a bat specifically designed for youth players, a light handle is needed, and DeMarini delivered. The handle we are talking about is the D-Lite Handle, which is engineered for giving the bat the balance it needs and is also responsible for the great speed that this bat possesses.

2-piece Construction
Paradox Composite Barrel
D-Lite Handle
Big D End Cap


The composite barrel that the Spryte has, makes for a tremendous influence on its performance. It gives the Spryte a ton of pop, something that you just can’t see on more affordable, aluminum bats.

This can have a big influence on any youth player that is developing their swing technique. It is also very balanced, which is a great thing for contact hitters, but may not be the best thing for power hitters.

The 2022 Spryte is a very light fastpitch bat that is responsive, has pop, and has good control. Highly recommended for any youth players, especially 12 or 10u players.

Power 90
Pop 95
Sound 93
Sweet Spot Hits 95
Durability 92


Looking drastically different compared to the 2020 DeMarini Spryte, the 2022 version has a fresh new look. The dominant purple blends very well with the orange Spryte logo which takes up a lot of space on the bat.

A design and colorway that will definitely turn some heads on the softball field.

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While we haven’t seen a lot of new features, DeMarini Spryte is still one of the best composite bats for youth players. We love the balance and pop it has, and every player that swings it will surely do too.

Since it’s a two-piece composite bat, the price is expectedly higher, but the bat is worth every penny since it is a tool that will help improve the game of any young player dreaming to become a pro.