Softball gloves don’t release as frequently as fastpitch bats, and any time a major brand releases a new glove model, we are excited and hurry up to test it.

Easton, one of the major brands in the softball and baseball world, recently released their Professional Collection of fastpitch gloves.

And wow, are those good.

Let’s see what makes these gloves great and if they are a perfect option for you.

Features and construction

Since this is the highest-end fastpitch glove that Easton makes, you can expect it comes with a lot of great features. Easton has made 6 new patterns for this fastpitch glove series and they make a difference.

Now, the big difference between the baseball gloves and the softball ones is the size of the pocket. You want a big and deep pocket to easily catch a big softball, and Easton has done just that with these glove series. They have made an even wider and deeper pocket, compared to their other gloves.

Also, the big feature of these gloves is the webbing – called on these “Quantum Closure System”, which allows you to adjust the fit of the gloves, which is a very important feature.

And, coming to arguably the most important thing in fastpitch glove construction, you guessed it, the quality of leather it is made from.

Easton Professional Collection is made from Premium Reserve™ USA steer hide leather, quality leather that can make these Easton gloves compete with the likes of Rawlings and Wilson gloves.

Easton Professional Collection 12.75
Quantum Closure System
Made from steer hide leather
Deep pocket
Soft cowhide lining

Performance and comfort

A high-end fastpitch glove at this price range must perform well (obviously, it is super important) and have a quick break-in time.

And these do that both, very well.

Since these gloves have a full leather lining, break-in time is shorter compared to some other gloves, which we liked very much.

They have great control and are very comfortable to wear (because of the soft cowhide lining), once you fully break them in.

Easton Professional Collection Fastpitch Glove 12.75"

Great glove series, but they are not for everyone

The Professional Collection is a great fastpitch glove series and definitely an upgrade from the previous model.

But, it is made for serious players and not for inexperienced ones.


This is not a very important thing to consider when looking for a new glove, but it’s a bonus when a glove is looking great.

We have always liked the design of almost all of the Easton fastpitch glove series, and these are at the top of our list of the best-looking softball gloves.

The whole series has this beautiful, clean, white/light brown colorway that just looks fantastic whenever you put them on.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

This is a great glove series in general and an upgrade from their last Professional Collection, which came out in 2019.

Keep in mind, since this is a higher-priced glove, it is not made for younger and inexperienced players and is therefore intended for college/professional players.

Easton has done a great job on these and we enjoyed testing them.



5 star rating