2020 version of the Louisville Slugger RXT was one of the most comfortable fastpitch bats on the market. The idea behind the RXT is that they wanted to produce a fastpitch bat that will give the player a large sweet spot and huge amounts of power on contact. So they made the RXT a blend of the two great and popular models from Louisville Slugger – the LXT and the Xeno.

Let’s see how the all-new RXT performs.

Louisville Slugger RXT Softball Bat 2021

Great fastpitch bat for contact hitters

The new RXT is a bat that has an excellent feel to it but we are a little disappointed that it didn’t have more new features.

Still, a very good fastpitch bat.

Features and construction

The new Louisville Slugger RXT is constructed from two-piece composite materials as the last year’s model and features a SPRINGLOAD connection system as the older model, so in that department not a lot has changed. And that may not be necessarily a bad thing since the old model had fantastic pop and feel on contact. The technology helping in maximizing the pop is the HVR-1 Barrel technology, introduced last year.

Since this bat is intended for contact hitters, it is an extremely balanced bat and this year it comes in new drops: -8, -9, -10.

Sweet spot that this bat has is large and that is thanks to the COPA Endcap that works with the HVR-1 technology.

Two-piece composite bat
Single Disc HVR-1 Technology
SPRINGLOAD Connection System
COPA Endcap


The 2020 version of the Louisville Slugger RXT, as we said before, was one of the most, if not the most comfortable fastpitch bat on the market. It was also very precise and is extremely balanced which is ideal for contact hitters.

We needed about 200 hits, more or less, to get this bat broken in. Once we’ve done that the RXT 2021 was a joy to hit with. Swings were taking very little effort and the pop and feel were just amazing.

Power 90
Pop 94
Sound 93
Sweet Spot Hits 95
Durability 91

Rating and conclusion

The 2021 Louisville Slugger RXT is a great fastpitch bat. It is a fantastic option for contact hitters, for hitters who like a balanced bat that has great feel. However, we expected more new features in this year’s model.

It is still a great bat and the good news is that it comes in two new drops: -8 and -9, opposed to the previous year model that came in a -10 drop only.

Louisville Slugger RXT 2021 Fastpitch Bat