Easton FS200 Fastpitch bat is a one-piece crafted with durable Aluminium. This Alloy bat does not require a break in period, it is pretty hot out of the wrapper and ready for game immediately. Thin metal handle is 31/32″ with cushioned grip that adds extra comfort while hitting. This bat is evenly balanced and designed for faster swing speed. It is a -10 drop, which makes it a bit on the lighter side but still powerful enough for an aspiring player. Easton FS200 is both ASA and USSSA certified.


  • High-quality one-piece build;
  • 100% Durable Aluminum Alloy;
  • Thin 31/32″ handle All Sports grip for comfort;
  • -10oz Drop (length to weight ratio);
  • The best pop among alloy fastpitch bats.


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The one-piece alloy bat, ready for the game from the day one – it is all about achieving faster swing speed. And we know that speed=power which maximizes an entry-level hitter’s performance. Thin handle with all sports grip an cushioning offers maximum comfort. This bat is the best value you can get out of the alloy softball bat.


Drop: Evenly Balanced -10
Barrel: 2 1/4″
Handle: Thin 31/32″
Sizes: 28/18, 29/19, 30/20, 31/21, 32/22, 33/23, 34/24
Certification: ASA, USSSA 1.20, NSA, ISA, SSUSA, ISF
Barrel Load: Evenly Balanced
Material: Alloy
Construction: One-piece
Grip: All Sports Grip
Warranty:: One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • Ready for the game from the moment it’s out of the wrapper;
  • Light feel while swinging;
  • Great cold weather bat;
  • Good for younger players and batting cage;
  • Very good price.


  • There are really no cons to this bat – you will get great quality and durability for your money.

2016 Easton FS200 Stats



This bat is a part of Easton’s Speed Brigade, combines light weight with speed, but also durability. You can use this bat as a back up bat or for practices in batting cages. We definitely recommend any player to get one of these, since it is great value for your money. Have in mind that it is an alloy bat and it might dent, but otherwise Easton FS200 will exceed your expectations.

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