One of the best outfield gloves in fastpitch is surely the famous Wilson A2000 series. The quality of Wilson gloves is famous in both the softball and baseball world and their A2000 fastpitch series is no exception.

Today we have the A2000 12.5″ T125SS outfield glove, a high-quality glove intended for outfielders. It’s one of those gloves that will bring out the best in you and elevate your game.

Let’s see what makes the A2000 T125SS so great.

Construction and features

The most important factor in determining the quality of any softball glove is surely the quality of the leather that it is made from. High-end Wilson fastpitch gloves, including the T125SS, are made from SuperSkin Leather, which is a type of leather that is one of the very best in this game. The leather must provide you with a good feel and durability, and the SuperSkin does just that, without being too heavy. It’s also moisture resistant, which is a phenomenal thing.

Wilson A2000 T125SS 2021 Gloves

A perfect glove for outfielders

With its combination of soft, durable leather and its ability to elevate your game, it’s really hard not to recommend the Wilson A2000 T125SS 12.5″ to any outfield player.

But, the A2000 T125SS goes a step further. The liner of these gloves has ProLux Leather, which gives you an even softer feel than most other fastpitch outfield gloves. The Comfort Sleeve, a brand new feature, helps even more in giving you that perfect comfort by concealing the binding in the wrist.

By now, you know that these gloves are one of the most comfortable ones that you can get your hands on. But, what about the support that they provide?

Wilson has solved that “problem” by putting a Rolled Dual Welting in these gloves, which not only look great but help tremendously in getting you that much-needed support.

Players who love to play with a finger outside will be very happy with these gloves because, with the Flat Finger Binding that they have integrated, the amount of space between the gloves’ back and the finger is made shorter. It also makes you feel less pain when performing plays.

Softball players know that when playing your hands can get pretty sweaty, and no one wants that. That’s why Wilson has put the DriLex Wrist Lining in the A2000 T125SS so that your hands will stay pretty dry.


With all these great features and SuperSkin leather, you would expect that the Wilson A2000 T125SS 12.5″ performs amazingly, and you would be right.

It’s one of the most comfortable outfield gloves out there, and because it’s so lightweight, that presents a huge difference in making difficult plays. These gloves are very easy to control and are one of the best for making diving catches.

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The Wilson A2000, as we mentioned in our list of the best softball gloves, are right there at the top, and these, A2000 T125SS 12.5″ are the best gloves for outfielders. The light and soft leather will make you fall in love with them from the moment you put them in your hand, and that is even before you see how well they perform.