Louisville Slugger Nexus Review

The 2022 Nexus is Louisville Slugger’s take on creating the perfect fastpitch softball bat for youth players. It’s a brand new bat that features a ton of technologically advanced features that are aimed to help to bring out the best in any youth player.

With its balanced swing weight, it’s designed to be a great option for any type of player. Its design reminds us of the legendary Louisville Slugger LXT, which is another sign that the Nexus is a perfect stepping stone for a young player before moving on to the high-end bats, like the LXT.

It does have a bit higher price tag compared to some other youth fastpitch bats, but it backs it up with great features and performance.

Let’s find out if it’s the perfect bat for you.

Features and construction

The 2022 Louisville Slugger Nexus features a 2-piece composite construction, meaning it’s a very serious bat for serious youth players who are looking to improve their game. That composite barrel provides the Nexus with a much larger sweet spot than you would normally find on youth bats, and it also gives the player much more control.

A bat that will elevate any youth players game

The all-new 2022 Louisville Slugger Nexus is a 2-piece composite bat that has a couple of amazing featured, aimed to help the youth player to bring out the best in itself.

Since it’s a two-piece bat, it needs a connection piece, and the one found on the new Nexus is a great one. It is called the XCT Connection System, and its main task is to decrease the vibrations felt on mishits.

The end-cap is also a great one; it features an Ultra Lightweight X-Cap design that allows the player to have more swing speed, which is especially important for up-and-coming youth players.

Balanced Swing Weight
X-Cap Design
XCT Connection System
Two-Piece Composite Construction


Louisville Slugger Nexus Youth Bat

Coming in a -12 drop and with a balanced swing weight, the Louisville Slugger Nexus should be a great bat for both contact and power hitters. With all these technological features it should be fairly easy for a player that swings the new Nexus to further develop their game and offer a big boost in confidence.

You can truly appreciate the massive sweet spot that the Nexus has and the fairly fast swing speeds, which will contact hitters especially like.

Power 92
Pop 90
Sound 93
Sweet Spot Hits 96
Durability 95


The bold blue and black colorway that the 2022 Louisville Slugger Nexus has fit its personality very well. It reminds so much of Louisvilles’ premium model, the LXT, with its sharp edges and sleek design. The Nexus will surely be one of the nicest-looking youth bats on the fields in the upcoming season.

Rating and conclusion

The Nexus is an exceptional option for any youth player who is on the lookout for a new bat. Its composite barrel and lightweight make the swings easy and smooth. Even though the price is a bit higher, it’s completely worth it.