The All Star AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit is a high-performance catcher’s equipment kit that is designed for the best of the best softball catchers. Its new and improved helmet, leg guards, and chest protector are constructed from premium materials and are designed to offer maximum protection.

The AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit has many features that allow for the best possible performance on the field.

Let’s get into the review and see what makes this catcher’s gear so incredible.

All Star AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit

An elite softball catcher’s equipment should provide them with the best possible experience on the field. All-Star AFx does just that. Offering maximum protection but not sacrificing comfort, the AFx is the best catcher’s gear on the market.


We’ve seen amazing softball catcher’s helmets from All-Star in the past, but this one is absolutely amazing. The helmet is from their MVP series which means Maximum Vision and Protection.

It features an I-BAR VISION steel cage, which has thin steel bars that offer more visibility and more importantly provide protection for the head. The outer shell is made from high-resistance ABS plastic with the inside featuring soft mesh for added comfort. In the forehead area, you can see that they’ve added more thickness, increasing the overall protection.

Chest Protector

All Star AFx Fastpitch Chest Protector

The chest protector is lightweight and it’s designed with the woman’s contour in mind, meaning you will get more comfort and a better fit. It fits so well that you can’t feel any movement restrictions when you put it on.

Not only that it fits amazingly, but it’s also incredible how easy and fast it is to adjust to your body. The AFx Chest Protector also features moldable plates in the upper chest area, just to add a bit more protection.

Leg Guards

The most technologically advanced leg guards in the world of softball catcher’s gear, these leg guards feature a LINQ Hinge system, a very innovative system that allows you to move more naturally when playing.

They also feature repositionable knee pads, and a wide knee piece, essential for successful sliding. These leg guards are designed with comfort, protection, and durability in mind, and All-Star has checked all those factors with these ones.



  • I-BAR VISION steel cage
  • ABS plastic shell
  • 3D mesh padding liner

Chest Protector

  • Contoured fit
  • Streamlined shoulder width
  • Machine washable

Leg Guards

  • LINQ™ Hinge system
  • Repositionable knee and shin pads
  • Thick neoprene top strap
  • Pre-stitched crossed straps


Overall, this is the best softball catcher’s gear on the market. There is no other catcher’s kit that offers the protection and coverage that these do. We love the AFx Fastpitch Catching Kit and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional softball catcher!