When choosing the best softball pitching machine for your needs, things can get a little complicated because there are a ton of models on the market. This pitching machine for softball is right there at the top, with the very best of them.

That pitching machine comes from Atec, and it’s called the M3X. With a ton of impressive features, this machine will help you tremendously in the process of improving your game.

Let’s jump into the review.

Atec M3X Pitching Machine Front View

Short Overview

The Atec M3X is a pitching machine engineered for professional players, and ready to perform at the highest levels. Throwing fastballs and rise balls with speeds that are up to 70mph, the M3X is the perfect practice partner that will never get tired.

While its construction and size may seem imposing at first, the Atec M3X is a very portable pitching machine and is extremely easy to use and convert to a baseball pitching machine.


Many baseball players know the Atec M3 training machine, one of their best machines ever produced. This one is reminded of it in terms of design and construction but is more portable.

For its base, the options are low pod, tripod, and caddy pod, which we feel works the best with the M3X. The locking pin found on the back of the machine enables you to adjust the angle, which works seamlessly.

You can also adjust the elevation and rotate the M3X 360 degrees. The most important part of the machine is surely the concave wheel which can pitch balls up to 70mph, and if you convert the machine to a baseball mode, the maximum speed increases to 90mph.

This is a very, very well built machine, made with parts of the highest quality. It just feels very solid, stable and is surely a machine that will last your many, many years.


Atec M3X is equipped with a TON of features that will enhance your skills. This is a complete pitching machine, able to simply and quickly change between softball and baseball settings.

It can throw fastballs, curveballs, knuckleballs, drop balls… you name it. It can recreate a ton of different pitches, and that is what you want from a professional pitching machine.

So, we know that this machine has a lot of defensive and offensive drills. But, is it highly accurate?

The answer is: absolutely! The concave wheel tightly grips the softball (or baseball) which allows it to be more accurate.

On the back of the machine, there are speed control dials that let you, by turning them right or left, determine the speed of your pitches. That whole speed controlling feature looks very organized and easy to use.


  • Carrypod, tripod and lowpod base options
  • Offensive and defensive drills
  • 70 mph maximum speed for softball
  • 90 mph maximum speed for baseball
  • Full Control Fungo System
  • Weighs 120 lbs


If you are looking to get a professional pitching machine that can switch from softball to baseball in minutes and has an array of different pitches, the Atec M3X is the way to go. The only downside to the M3X is its high price, but very few machines out there can outperform this one.