Franklin Sports is a brand that manufactures some of the best batting gloves for both baseball and softball. With a history that spans for more than 70 years, with their batting gloves you can expect nothing but the best.

Their batting gloves are used by some of the best players in the world, so when you put them on, you will get a feeling of greatness.

Let’s see their top 3 best batting gloves for softball.

Best Franklin Sports Softball Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports CFX Pro

The CFX batting gloves are the best softball batting gloves that Franklin Sports produces. They are designed for the female’s hand, so you know you’ll get the fit and comfort like no other. The contoured design offers a snug fit that these have, offer a snug fit which will make you comfortable on the field.

Their design is quite similar to the CFX Pro made for baseball, which is worn by baseball’s top players. Made from top-of-the-line leather, you can see goodbye to the tears or worries about how long they will last.

The two amazing technologies are used in these batting gloves, Tectonic Fit Inserts and Quad Flex Technology, and they offer durability and flexibility, so you can perform your best.

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Franklin Sports Neo Classic Series Batting Gloves

The next gloves on this list are a little bit cheaper, but that doesn’t make them any less great. With their exceptional breathability, they will be great for players who are playing in hot weather.

Made from Pittard’s Digital sheepskin leather, you can expect superior softness from the moment you put them on your hands. The leather also gives a very good grip and offers patting between the softball bat and your hands.

Like the CFX Pro, they also use the Quad Flex Technology, which is Franklin Sport’s great technology that decreases material buildup offering you much better flexibility than you would have on some other gloves.

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Franklin Sports Freeflex

The most affordable gloves on this list are is Franklin Sports Freeflex model, which, as their name suggests, offer above-average flexibility and breathability, since the majority of the upper part of the gloves is made from mesh.

The Quad Flex Technology is also here for flexibility. The Freeflex gloves are one of the lightest batting gloves that you can get your hands on, and the Coolmax mesh truly makes a big difference.

These are probably your best option if you are playing in extremely hot temperatures, but if you need gloves for cold weather, we would suggest going for the Franklin Sports MLB Cold Weather Pro Batting Gloves.

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Franklin Sports MLB Cold Weather Pro Batting Gloves

The MLB Cold Weather Pro Batting Gloves are designed specifically for those who are playing in cold weather. With the back made from insulated neoprene, the heat will be retained while you will still have breathability.

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Choosing any of these batting gloves will make you feel more comfortable and confident on the field as a hitter. It’s just a matter of personal preference on which one you will choose, but any of these Franklin Sports batting gloves offer exceptional durability and build quality.