Getting a knee injury during a practice or a game is never a pleasant feeling. Maybe you’ve informed yourself about the shorter recovery when you are wearing a knee sleeve, or you are just looking for a knee sleeve that will compress your muscles and get you to perform better, faster.

Copper Compression is a brand that produces some of the most technologically advanced, quality sleeves for your arms, feet, hands, and also knees.

Their Recovery Knee Sleeve is one of the best out there, and let us tell you why.

Construction & Features

Copper Compression sleeves are made with the copper ingrained in the fabric of the sleeve. That is very important because that does a lot for the durability of the sleeve, while at the same time bringing many other benefits to the table.

One of the best knee sleeves

With it’s high quality construction and the benefits it offers, Copper Compression Knee Sleeve is a perfect one if you are looking to have more support and confidence in your movement.

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This knee sleeve is a very light and thin one that will make your experience wearing it much more enjoyable than wearing a bulky one. But, that is also very important for its performance, which will get to a little bit later.

What is very interesting about this knee sleeve is the 4-way stretch construction that it has. That means that you will be able to move your knee much more freely and with more confidence, all of which is of ultimate importance to someone who is recovering from a knee injury.

And, another important thing is that when you wear any sleeve for a longer period it can develop a bad odor, which is very unpleasant. So, how does Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve deal with that? It uses copper-infused fibers which deal with that problem very efficiently.

Copper-infused fabric
4-Way stretch construction
Moisture-wicking materials
Anti-odor technology
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While wearing this knee sleeve, the knee muscles will be warmed up much quicker and its compression will support your knee in various activities. The blood circulation will also be increased. Injury recovery will also be better, but you should just keep in mind that this sleeve is not a medicine for serious injuries but may help in preventing some injuries to the knee.

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Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve is a great and affordable product that will give your knee support, increase circulation and give you more confidence in your recovery. Highly recommended.

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