Easton is a reputable name in the softball equipment industry, and they provide a selection of softball gloves made to meet the demands of players at different skill levels and positions.

The Ghost NX fastpitch glove series is one of their best, so let’s hop into the review and see how they compare to gloves made by Rawlings and Mizuno.


Easton is known for producing high-quality softball equipment, and their Ghost series is typically associated with top-notch materials and craftsmanship.

Materials and Durability

A glove like this is built to meet the demands of fastpitch softball players and is made of Diamond Pro Steer USA Leather, which ensures the glove will provide long-lasting performance and comfort,

While most parts of the glove are exceptionally made, it’s worth noting that the lacing falls slightly short in comparison to the standard set by Rawlings gloves. While this is our only point of observation, it’s essential to consider the lacing quality, as it plays a vital role in the glove’s overall durability and longevity.


  • Game Ready Diamond Pro Steer USA leather
  • Flex Notch Closure System
  • Ax Suede microfiber lining
  • Professional-grade rawhide lace

Comfort and Fit

Now let’s move on to comfort. As a vital factor you should consider before purchasing gloves, Easton has made sure to be at the top of their game when it comes to comfort.

With a Quantum Closure System and an adjustable strap, you will easily get a great fit with these.


The Easton Ghost NX Fastpitch Gloves are great gloves that will meet the demands of most players. While some aspects of the glove could be better, ultimately, the Easton Ghost NX Fastpitch Gloves remain a valuable addition to any softball player’s arsenal, capable of helping them excel on the field.