If you want to improve your swing, throw better, run faster, and increase your stability then the best thing you can do is build your strength.

A medicine ball is a piece of equipment that is designed to increase your strength drastically, so now you are going to learn about the top 3 medicine ball exercises for softball players.

Do a proper warm-up

Before starting any workout you need to perform a proper warm-up. It is better to start your warm-up session by warming your muscles with a jog, jumping jacks, and arm circles for example. It is recommended that you start the warm-up gently, and slowly increase the intensity.

Medicine Ball Squat to Slams

This is a great exercise for softball players because it helps to increase not just their core strength, but overall strength, as it targets muscles in every part of the body. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, start with some lighter medicine ball, and as you get stronger, gradually increase the weight.

To do medicine ball squat to slams:

Start in a squat position, placing your feet just a bit wider than your hips, and hold the medicine ball with both hands under your chin. Now extend up, bringing both your hips and toes up, along with the medicine ball. When the ball is in the highest position, slam it down. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Tru Grit – 10-lb Medicine Wall Ball

As you start this exercise, a smaller weight medicine ball is recommended, and there is none better than the Tru Grit 10 lbs medicine wall ball, durable and keeps the same shape after hundreds of throws.

Rotational Figure 8 Throw

This is a perfect medicine ball exercise for softball players because it vastly improves the rotational movements of the body.

To do rotational figure 8 throw:

Start in an athletic stance near a wall. Hold the medicine ball with both hands approximately at your chest height. Now start doing figure 8’s in a circular motion. Then do a throw where you have to rotate the body while throwing the ball and catch the ball when it bounces back to you.

Tru Grit – 14-lb Medicine Wall Ball

As you gain more and more strength, 10lbs is not going to cut it anymore. Therefore, increasing the weight of the medicine ball is vital for improving success. This Tru Grit 14lbs medicine ball has reinforced construction that makes this ball handle anything with ease.

Batting Stance Throw

This exercise will be helpful for hitters since it imitates the hitting motion, but with a medicine ball, which is a lot heavier than the bat.

To do this exercise:

Stand in the athletic stance, holding the medicine ball under your chin. Now throw the ball against a wall or a net, in the same motion you would hit the softball with the bat.

Tru Grit – 8-lb Medicine Wall Ball

This exercise is recommended to be done with a 10 or 8 lbs medicine ball. The Tru Grit 8lbs medicine wall ball is a must for any softball hitter who is looking to improve swing power and rotation.


Recovery is important after any workout, let alone the grueling medicine ball exercises. Be sure to stretch your muscles after a workout and give your body a rest it needs.

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