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The next generation of Mizuno MVP Series Catcher’s Mitts features the same soft, game-ready leather, but the firmer fit. It is a great combination of game ready performance and lasting durability.

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Adult Woman’s Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt – Mizuno MVP Series GXS58 34″


  • 34.00 Inch pattern and H-Web
  • BioThrowback Leather – soft, pebbled leather for game ready performance and lasting durability
  • Pocket centered under the index finger
  • Closed back with PowerLock wrist strap
  • Double hinge heel
  • Ortholite Parashock Plus Palm Pad
  • Professional Level Lace


Mizuno MVP GXS58 is a full-sized female catcher’s mitt which fits the female hand perfectly. The 34.00″ circumference makes it large enough to handle a softball.

Comfort & Fit

The Mizuno MVP Catcher’s mitt features the ultra-soft palm liner, which gives soft finish and very nice feel. The mitt is not too heavy; it weighs approximately 1lb and 8oz. The V-Flex Notch allows for easier closure.


This mitt tends to wear out a little quicker due to softer leather, but take proper care of your GXS58 and it will serve you well on the field for a long time. As for the lace the Mizuno offers the same durable lace as in their professional level gloves.


This glove is an awesome deal! The softball equipment is expensive, but this mitt is a very affordable option within the realm of premium gloves.


  • Breaks in fairly quickly
  • Ultra-soft palm liner
  • Designed specifically for fastpitch and for female hands
  • ParaShock Palm Pad for impact absorption


  • Fits a little snug on the larger hands
  • Tends to wear our quicker due to the softer leather
Comfort & Fit

Mizuno MVP Series GXS58

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