Softball Gloves and Mitts Top Picks and Reviews

Find out more about the hottest professional softball gloves currently in the market. Browse through our reviews to find the softball glove that fits perfectly, and matches your position and your playing style.

Wilson A2000 Superskin Fastpitch Softball Glove

10 Users Rating Score This well-made, professional level glove is the perfect fit for a serious female athlete. Wilson’s naming policy is rather simple, the higher the number on the glove, the better the glove is but it costs more. This 12” model provides a very tight fit due [...]

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Rawlings Sporting Goods Liberty First Base Mitt Review

8.0 Users Rating Score Brand new for 2017 Rawlings Liberty Advanced fastpitch softball series presents each player with a perfectly balanced design that is tailored specifically for a female athlete. This is the latest generation of Worth Liberty Advanced Series gloves. RLAFB features a 13.00 inch pattern, a single [...]

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Easton Synergy SYEFP2000 Catcher’s Mitt

The Easton Synergy Fastpitch Series is made for the softball player that appreciates serious comfort. These gloves are made from deer-tanned cowhide that is soft for an unmatched feeling of comfort, but also durable. Synergy Fastpitch Series gloves have a game-ready feel that makes them incredibly easy to break-in. The comfort is further enhanced by [...]

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Mizuno MVP Series GXS58 34″ Catcher’s Mitt Review

8.5 Users Rating Score The next generation of Mizuno MVP Series Catcher’s Mitts features the same soft, game-ready leather, but the firmer fit. It is a great combination of game ready performance and lasting durability. Check Price on Amazon Adult Woman's [...]

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Wilson A2000 IF-SS Infield Softball Glove Review

9.8 Users Rating Score The A2000 is without doubt the most famous ball glove in the world, and it keeps getting better with each generation. The IF-SS Superskin is an infield glove, designed specifically for fastpitch. Dual Welting creates an extremely durable pocket and a long-lasting break-in. Cleverly constructed, [...]

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Nokona X2 Buckaroo X2-V1250 Review

9.5 Users Rating Score Nokona X2 Buckaroo is the elite in the world of softball gloves. Designed with fastpitch-specific patterns, this glove is the perfect combination of top quality and high performance. Some refer to this glove as the “Cadillac of gloves” – high quality, durable and made in [...]

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Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1300PF2 Review

7.8 Users Rating Score The Mizuno MVP Prime series is not only the pinnacle of Mizuno’s softball gloves, but one of the best overall. The 2017 edition is better than ever. The new MVP Prime glove is designed specifically for the female fastpitch players. It comes with number of [...]

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Easton ECGFP1300 Outfield 13″ Core Series

In Easton Core series softball gloves you can find a perfect glove wherever you play on the field. The Core Series gloves are made with Professional grade USA-tanned steer hide leather and feature strength tested rawhide laces. These gloves are built soft for comfort but strong for the rigors of tournament play, and feature a [...]

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Wilson ONYX FP1175 Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove 11.75″

The Wilson Onyx Series is a star of the fastpitch softball world, thanks to its premium leather construction and technology. The Double Play Leather is a specially engineered cowhide leather that breaks in quickly, but the feel for the ball remains the same. This allows for quicker ball transfers, and maximizes full player potential. The [...]

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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove 12.5″ SuperSkin Series

The Wilson A2000 softball glove is made with sturdy pro-stock leather with Super Skin which makes the glove lighter. The dual post web design offers players a versatile pocket which is great for utility players such as middle fielders and pitchers. Wilson's well known Custom Fit System was used to accurately determine hand position in [...]

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