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The Mizuno MVP Prime series is not only the pinnacle of Mizuno’s softball gloves, but one of the best overall. The 2017 edition is better than ever. The new MVP Prime glove is designed specifically for the female fastpitch players. It comes with number of great features for improving the field performance.

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Adult Women’s Outfield/Pitcher 13″ Fastpitch Softball Glove
Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1300PF2


  • Bio Soft leather for great feel and steady control over the ball
  • Tartan web and 13” pattern
  • Pattern design with naturally centered pocket under the index finger for maximum flexibility
  • Excellent impact absorption and less sting thanks to the Parashock + Palm Pad
  • Single Finger Back With Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap


The 13.00 inch pattern is ideal for the outfielders and pitchers. The glove is big enough for the softball.

Comfort & Fit

The heel is vertically laced, which allows the player to customize the flex. What sets this glove apart is the excellent palm padding, which provides almost no sting and amazing impact absorption.


The MVP Prime features the same durable lace that’s offered in the professional level gloves. Combined with the pro level leather and you get a very durable piece of equipment which will without a doubt outlast the season.


The price might seem higher at first, but if you take the durability and the improved performance you get for your money in consideration, it is clear that the Mizuno MVP Prime is great value.


  • Designed specifically for a female fastpitch player
  • Extra durable, professional level lace
  • Excellent sting and impact absorption


  • The glove is a little stiff new, so it requires a longer break-in period. You might consider to get it steamed if you need to break it in faster.
Comfort & Fit

Mizuno MVP Prime GMVP1300PF2

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