Rawlings Liberty Advanced Softball Glove 2022 Review

Are you looking for a glove that provides the best performance and is well-made? Look no further. Rawlings Liberty Advanced is the ultimate softball glove. It has a large variety of high-quality designs and colors to choose from, making it perfect for any player.

With the Rawlings Liberty Advanced, you’ll never have to worry about your glove’s durability, performance, or quality. It’s one of the most applauded softball gloves on the market.

Let’s jump into the review and see what the Liberty Advanced is all about. 


The Rawlings Liberty Advanced is made from full-grain leather and immense attention to detail. This glove is designed for maximum comfort and durability, giving you the best chance at success on the field.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced player, Rawlings Liberty Advanced is the perfect glove for you.

Features and construction

As we said, the Rawlings Liberty Advanced is made from full-grain leather providing unsurpassed durability and softness. Given the raw nature of its construction, this glove will break in quickly and give you great performance.

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced features a large pocket, allowing for greater ball control and better grip. Rawlings has put their PORON XRD Palm Pad which helps reduce the impact that occurs when you catch the ball. 

The glove also features an adjustable pull-strap back to help you find the right fit for your hands. This is important because it will keep your hand secure during play and also because the glove should fit comfortably, but not so tight that it hurts your hands.

Full-grain leather
Adjustable pull-strap back


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The Rawlings Liberty Advanced offers superior performance and it’s no surprise that this is our favorite softball glove. In fact, it has received rave reviews from players of all levels.

The glove is very comfortable to wear and it’s extremely durable. The stitching and seams are all top-notch and they won’t tear or split apart easily.

Break-in times are minimal and after you completely break in this glove you will realize its full potential.

Comfort 95
Durability 99
Reliability 99
Break-in Time 95

Rating and Conclusion

The Rawlings Liberty Advanced is a high-quality glove that is worth every single penny. It provides the best performance and durability, while still being extremely comfortable to wear. 

It’s a glove that will last for years to come and handle thousands of thousands of catches and still be reliable. We can’t recommend the Rawlings Liberty Advanced enough.