Youth softball players often fantasize about making the perfect catch, completing a flawless throw, or scooping up a ground ball with accuracy. Achieving such moments of glory is dependent on having the proper equipment, and the softball glove is at the core of it all. A quality glove is more than simply an accessory; it is a critical tool that can make or break a young player’s growth.

This is where the Rawlings Sure Catch glove steps in. An affordable and quality glove intended to satisfy the particular demands of young softball players.


With a great price and the built quality that Rawlings is known for, the Sure Catch is one of our top picks for the top-rated youth softball gloves in 2023.

Materials and Durability

Youth players can be tough on their equipment, and that’s why durability is a top concern. The Sure Catch glove is built to withstand the rigors of the game. The materials used are sturdy, ensuring that it can endure countless catches, throws, and seasons of play.

The shell is made from leather, and the gloves also feature padded finger linings for young athletes with growing hands. They are designed to enhance coordination, agility, shape retention, and comfort.

It can be difficult to break in a new glove, but Rawlings has made it quicker. The Sure Catch glove was developed to have a shorter break-in period, enabling young players to begin using it effectively sooner. This feature is crucial for increasing confidence and enhancing fielding abilities.


  • All-leather shell
  • Neo-Flex Back with Velcro Strap
  • Cushioned finger back lining

Comfort and Fit

While we are mentioning comfort, the Sure Catch is one of the most comfortable gloves for youth players. The designers at Rawlings understand that discomfort or a poorly fitting glove can distract players from the game and hinder their performance. That’s why they have put extra emphasis on ensuring a glove has a comfortable fit.


In conclusion, the Rawlings Sure Catch glove stands out as an exceptional choice for youth softball players seeking to elevate their game and overall experience on the field.

The Sure Catch glove’s affordability, coupled with Rawlings’ renowned quality and craftsmanship, positions it as a standout choice in the realm of youth softball gloves. Its materials and durability have been meticulously engineered to withstand the demands of the game, ensuring that it can endure countless seasons of play.