A trustworthy name in both the softball and baseball worlds, it is well known for its innovative designs and supreme build quality. They’ve been around for a while, and their machines are trusted by athletes and coaches of all ability levels.

Atec pitching machines imitate various pitches, allowing players to train and enhance their hitting skills. They provide machines capable of throwing fastballs, curveballs, sliders, and even change-ups.

The Atec R2 Defensive Training Pitching Machine, as its name suggests, centers around players’ defensive drills, and it does that marvelously.

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The ability to throw both ground balls and fly balls with precision and consistency is one of the Atec R2’s key qualities. It lets players practice an array of defensive scenarios by letting them modify the angle, speed, and spin of the ball. The machine is renowned for its durability and simplicity of functioning, which makes it an attractive option for teams and individuals wishing to improve their fielding abilities.

Construction & Features

The Atec R2, like the M3X, is packed with amazing features that make life easier for both the coaches and the players. We start with the Hi.Per Aluminum Discs which essentially work to speed up the time between reps so you can get more work in.

Next, we have the Hi-Definition ball chute, which, on every rep, delivers players a transparent and unobstructed view of the ball coming out of the machine.

What also makes this pitching machine attractive is the ease of transportation. Thanks to the wheeled caddy pod transport system, the compact Atec R2 is easy to move around the field or between different training locations.

Hi.Per Aluminum Disc
Hi-Definition Ball Chute
Full-Control Fungo System

Build Quality

Atec is known for its supreme build quality, and the R2 pitching machine isn’t an exception. The Atec R2 exemplifies the brand’s devotion to superior build quality, having been meticulously crafted with great attention to detail. This pitching machine’s sturdy structure ensures its resistance to the wear and tear of continuous training sessions, making it a dependable investment for both teams and players.

The materials used in the Atec R2 have been chosen for their longevity and ability to endure the forces created during rigorous exercise. Every feature of the machine, from the strong frame to the precision-engineered components, is built to withstand the demands of high-performance training. This resilience not only helps the machine’s longevity but also gives users confidence that it can consistently deliver reliable performance over time.

Build Quality 97
Material Quality 99
Features 98
Price 93

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In conclusion, the Atec R2 Softball Defensive training pitching machine stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of softball training equipment. Its supreme build quality, innovative design, and commitment to providing a versatile and realistic defensive training experience set it apart. With a focus on durability, user-friendly operation, and portability, the Atec R2 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of coaches and players seeking to elevate their defensive skills.