DeMarini Prism Fastpitch Bat
Easton Ghost Double Barrel


DeMarini Prism

The Prism is probably the bat that performs at the very highest level in all of DeMarini’s lineup of fastpitch bats, and there is some very serious competition. Prism features a Continuous Fiber Wall that gives this amazing bat phenomenal sound, maybe the best in the game, a big sweet spot and a balanced swing.

DeMarini Prism has great power and the feel on hits just sets it apart from other bats in this elite level of performance. T

his bat has fantastic pop and comes hot of the wrapper. Prism features a double barrel and has this fantastic colorway that stands out in the field.

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Easton Ghost

The Easton Ghost is a double barrel, even-balanced fastpitch bat and is very popular on the market right now. The bat is a fantastic option for power hitters as it has performed very well in all of our tests.

The Ghost features a unique Double-Barrel construction which is supposed to give you a combination of pop, sound and great feel. The pop is great right out of the wrapper and the hits are great.

However, there is a problem with the Easton Ghost Double Barrel and that is it’s durability. It can crack much easily then other bats on the market but if doesn’t crack it is just a game changer bat.

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  • Doublewall™ Gapped Barrel Technology
  • Refract End Cap
  • Continuous Fiber Barrel
  • 3Fusion Connection
  • Double Barrel Construction
  • XTX Extra Tough Resin Matrix
  • 2-piece Connexion+ technology
  • Nitro Cell Foam
  • Ultra Thin Handle

Construction and design

DeMarini Prism Fastpitch Bat

The DeMarini Prism is an elite fastpitch bat that has two walls inside that work together to create it’s huge sweet spot and distinctive sound, unmatched on the market, a Gaped Wall technology.

The Prism has elite level of control, made possible by the 3Fusion System. Hits feel fantastic with the DeMarini Prism, no matter if it’s a slight mishit or a power hit.

To top off the amazing features, DeMarini put a Refract Endcap, a great endcap that gives the Prism more control and speed.

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Easton Ghost Double Barrel

The construction of the Easton Ghost is a game changer; the double barrel is performs fantastic. The Ghost features a XTX Extra Tough Resin Matrix – that is a technology that gives the Ghost it’s flexibility.

The handle is very thin and it feels very well and comfortable in the hands.The Easton Ghost has two more amazing technologies – the 2-Piece Connexion+TM technology which has a Nitrocell foam for a greater connection between the double barrel and the thin handle.

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Barrel Diameter 2 1/4″
Barrel Material Composite
Weight Drop -10, -11
Certification USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA
Model Year 2020
Barrel Diameter 2 1/4″
Barrel Material Composite
Weight Drop -8, -9, -10, -11
Certification ASA(USA), USSSA (1.20BPF), NSA, ISA, ISF
Model Year 2020


We recommend both of this great bats; they have performed amazing in our tests and they are in the group of elite level of professional fastpitch softball bats. It comes down to your playing style and preferences. With the Ghost you can get more power hits but the Prism has a huge sweet spot, feel and great sound. The difference can be the durability of the DeMarini Prism, or the lack there of of the Easton Ghost.

Overall, both of them are great bats and we recommend them highly.

If you are interested, check out how the Prism fares against the new Louisville Slugger LXT.