The clash of the two great, high-performance fastpitch bats made by Louisville Slugger and DeMarini. Both are crazy fast, lightweight, and have some amazing new technologies. But, as there are similarities between the two, there are also differences.

You will now find out which one is a better option for you, and which will better fit your playing style.

Louisville Slugger LXT

2021 Louisville Slugger LXT

The Lousiville Slugger’s LXT lineup of fastpitch bats is phenomenal. The 2020 version of the bat was great but the all-new, updated LXT 2021 is an even better bat, updated in several parts from the 2020 model. The LXT is a bat that has perfect balance and light swing in mind.

Faster bat speeds that you get from this bat are made possible by the evenly distributed weight and that type of weight distribution also gives you more and better control.

The single-disc barrel from the LXT 2020 is updated with the new Speed Composite Design. The new Louisville Slugger LXT is made from three-piece composite and comes in -8 to -11 drops.

DeMarini Prism

DeMarini Prism Plus Fastpitch Bat

The DeMarini Prism is one of the best bats that DeMarini makes and it just performs amazing. It has a Continuous Fiber Composite design which gives the bat a  huge sweet spot.

That design also gives the Prism a very distinctive and amazing sound on hit, one of the best in the game. The DeMarini Prism has a double barrel and is made from composite materials.

The pop on this bat is tremendous and overall the feel that this bat gives you is unmatched from any other bat on the market. The Prism comes hot out of the wrapper and it just looks fantastic in this colorway.


Louisville Slugger LXT

  • Speed Composite Design
  • COPA™ End Cap – working with the barrel it gives you a bigger sweet spot
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ – more comfortable and gives you better control

DeMarini Prism Plus

  • Doublewall™ Gapped Barrel Technology
  • Refract End Cap – gives you more control and speed
  • 3Fusion Connection – redirects energy and gives the Prism great control
  • Continuous Fiber Barrel – gives the bat a huge sweet spot

Construction and design

Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 Fastpitch Bat

The new 2021 Slugger LXT has a three-piece composite barrel that is evenly balanced. The Speed Composite Design enhances the single-disc barrel of the new LXT. The bat features an updated VCX2™ Vibration Control Connection System – a system that controls vibration and makes the new LXT feel better on hits.

The end cap is also new, it is called the COPA Performance End Cap which helps in making the sweet spot of the bat bigger. They have put a new grip on the Slugger LXT 2021 – an LS Comfort Pro grip that gives you more comfort.

DeMarini Prism Fastpitch Bat

The DeMarini Prism features some amazing technologies; Continuous Fiber Wall, which gives the bat more durability, less weight and a bigger sweet spot for better hits. Power is also not absent in the Prism.

Next awesome feature that the Prism has is the 3Fusion System, allowing the bat more control and putting the energy into the barrel.

The two walls of the Prism – outer and inner wall work together to create a fantastic sound on hit and making a bigger sweet spot, a technology called Gaped Wall.

Similar Products

Louisville Slugger Meta

4.8 Outstanding

DeMarini CF

4.6 Excellent

Louisville Slugger LXT

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Louisville Slugger LXT

Barrel Diameter 2 1/4″
Barrel Material Composite
Weight Drop -8, -9, -10, -11
Certification USSSA, ISA, NSA, USA Baseball
Model Year 2021

DeMarini Prism Plus

Barrel Diameter 2 1/4″
Barrel Material Composite
Weight Drop -10, -11
Certification USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA
Model Year 2021


Both the DeMarini Prism and the Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 are amazing fastpitch bats. They are both elite performers on the field. They are both very light and durable. There are of course some slight differences between them that can be the difference in which one you choose. The Prism has a great sound and pop; the Slugger LXT has fantastic exit speeds and a big barrel..

It all comes down to personal preference, playing style and how much are you willing to spend on these elite bats.

But, we highly recommend both of them and you can’t be wrong with any one of these you choose.

If you are interested, check out how the new LXT 2021 fares against the new DeMarini CF Zen.