One of the most anticipated fastpitch bats for the upcoming season is finally here in its full glory. The new version of the great Easton Ghost Advanced promises to be an even better bat than its predecessor.

While not a lot of things have changed regarding the design of the bat, more importantly, there are changes made on the inside. With some new and thrilling technologies, the 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced is more than ready to deliver a high performance any time you step foot on the field.

Let’s jump into the review and see how good the new Ghost Advanced is.

Features and construction

Where better to start than the unique barrel that the Ghost and Ghost Advanced have. It’s the 2nd-gen double-barrel found in the new Ghost Advanced model, which integrates the inner and outer barrel into a barrel that has a lot of flex and low compression.

The connection piece in the Ghost Advanced is the Connexion Evolution, which divides the barrel and the handle, therefore removing a ton of vibrations.

Easton Ghost Advanced 2022

A great upgrade

With amazing technologies, the Easton Ghost Advanced continues the legacy of a power hitter’s go-to bat.

The price is pretty high, but the new Ghost Advanced is well worth it.

What is interesting in the new model is the composite material. The Ghost models have had some durability issues in the past, and Easton has solved that with the implementation of the Sonic Comp Max material in the new 2022 Ghost Advanced.

Not only is it more durable, but it also has a fantastic sound on perfect contact. The Power Boost Soft Knob Technology is implemented in the new model as in the previous one, and it serves a mission of reducing vibration and giving you more comfort.

The 2022 Ghost Advanced is available as a balanced and an end-loaded bat, in -8, -9, -10, and -11 drops.

Double Barrel Construction
Connexion Evolution
Sonic Comp Max
Ultra-thin handle


The 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced is recommended for power hitters and experienced players, since with this bat when you connect, the ball just soars through the air.

All the technologies in this bat work great together and are an improvement compared to the 2021 version. The bat is very comfortable in the hands and you can just feel the “trampoline effect” when you make a connection.

Power 99
Pop 94
Sound 99
Sweet Spot Hits 98
Durability 88


Not a lot has changed on the outside of the bat. It still has a white/grey/red colorway with a touch of black. The lack of big changes in terms of design is not a huge issue, since the previous model was one of the best looking, and the new one just continues that tradition.


While it’s the most expensive bat on the market, the 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced is worth it, especially for stronger players. The end-loaded version is recommended more than the balanced one since you can generate a lot more power with it.

It’s certainly the best bat that Easton has made, and if you can get your hands on this one, you will not be disappointed.

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