Easton Ghost Advanced Review

As we said many times, the Easton Ghost is one of the most popular bats, and surely the best bat for power hitters. So, Easton has decided to make the advanced version of it, called the Easton Ghost Advanced, which promises a bigger sweet spot and a lighter barrel.

There are some technologies that are found in the “regular” Ghost, along with a new Soft Knob Technology, which provides that hitter with even more power.

Is that enough to make the Ghost Advanced a much better bat for power hitters than the regular Ghost? And, does that justify the higher price tag?

Let’s jump into the review and see.

Construction and features

The Easton Ghost Advanced features a double-barrel construction, a barrel construction that made the Ghost such a good bat for power hitters because it creates a low compression. The two barrels featured in this technology, the light one and the strong one, work together to bring you a better performance.

One of the hottest bats

The Easton Ghost Advanced is one of power hitter’s favorite bats, and rightfully so: it has a ton of pop, more power, and a great sound on perfect contact.

The big sweet spot is made possible by the Launch Composite Technology, which also makes the Ghost Advanced’s barrel a lighter one. Now, one of the more important features of the Ghost is the Nitrocell foam found in the ConneXion joint, and in the Advanced version, it is doubled, which removes the vibration that you can feel on mishits.

Things get interesting with the implementation of the Soft Knob Technology, which aims to give the hitter even more power and make the performance of the Easton Ghost Advanced even better.

Double Barrel Construction
Connexion Technology
Launch Composite Technology
Soft Knob Technology


Speaking of performance, the end-loaded Advanced has a higher-exit speed than the Easton Ghost, and the pop it has is just absolutely amazing. Stronger players will definitely enjoy hitting with the Ghost Advanced since you can feel the power advantage it has compared to the “regular” Ghost.

Overall, the Advanced’s improvements can be felt and they do make for one high-performance bat, surely a favorite among power hitters.

Power 99
Pop 97
Sound 95
Sweet Spot Hits 97
Durability 86


The lines of the Ghost Advanced are pretty similar to the 2021 version of the Ghost, yet the colorway is all different. It features a mostly white colorway with red and silver lines, which fit perfectly together. The “Advanced” colored in red that you can find on the top of the bat is a really nice touch. The colorway and its details make this one of the nicer-looking bats on the market and will be a favorite among those who prefer a simple design.

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You can truly feel the improvements on the Ghost Advanced in terms of exit speed, pop, and overall power. It doesn’t need a ton of strength to send a ball flying far and that is one of its main positives.

Power hitters and stronger players will surely prefer a drop 9 or 8 since with those you can generate more power than with the -10 drop.

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