Founded in 2005, EvoShield is a brand that produces some of the most technologically advanced catcher’s gear for both baseball and softball. Their gear is used by some great players in both sports, and their popularity will surely continue to rise. USA Softball catcher Aubre Mooro wears EvoShield gear, so that should tell you more than enough about the quality of the gear.

Their PRO-Srz catcher’s gear for softball is considered one of the best that you can get, and there are various reasons for that. Let’s jump into the review and find out if it’s the right catcher’s gear for you.

Short Overview

Consisting of the helmet, chest protector, and leg guards for upper and lower legs, the PRO-Srz is EvoShield’s best catcher’s gear for softball catcher’s. Designed and engineered to perfectly fit female players, this catcher’s gear is intended to protect but also allow the catchers to move freely and without it being a distraction.

All of the parts come in different colorways, so you can find the one that is made in your favorite color. With a sleek design of all the parts of this catcher’s gear set, wearing it you will surely turn a lot of heads from the moment you step on the field.


EvoShield PRO-Srz Softball Catcher's Helmet

The EvoShield PRO-Srz Fastpitch Catcher’s Helmet is a product that is engineered with a tremendous focus on protection. It has one amazing technology which has a mission to give your more protection but at the same time to give you comfort. It’s called the Windpact’s Crash Cloud™ technology, and it’s a very fascinating one.

It works like this: as the impact occurs, the energy from the impact is compressed and absorbed by the foam. That way, you’ll be protected on the field. And, not only that. The foam is comfortable and easy to clean.

The build quality is sturdy but lightweight at the same time. So, EvoShield had a mission to create the helmet that will protect but not at the cost of adding weight, and they have certainly done just that with this one.

A major problem for catchers is that when they put the helmet on, their field of vision will be much smaller. However, the PRO-Srz fixes that problem with a facemask made from steel that is designed not just to protect but to make the field of vision bigger, so you get the best of both worlds.

All over the top of the helmet, there are vents made in different sizes, which increase the airflow and keep you cool throughout the game. Now, the only thing that we criticize is the chin pad, which could’ve been just a bit more comfortable. Other than that, this is a great helmet.


  • Protective
  • Lightweight
  • Great looking


  • Chin pad could’ve been more comfortable


  • Windpact’s Crash Cloud™ technology
  • Steel Mask
  • Available in three sizes: S, M, and L
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Chest Protector

The EvoShield PRO-Srz Fastpitch Chest Protector is one of the nicest looking we’ve ever seen. It’s so sleek and attractive that you’ll definitely feel more confident wearing it. And you’ll feel confident not just for its great looks, but for the protection it offers.

Now, big and bulky chest protectors can be a big distraction to softball catchers. Their size and sheer bulkiness don’t allow the catcher to move as freely as needed to make the big play. But, that isn’t the case with this one.

It’s incredibly lightweight, but not at the cost of protection. Like the helmet and the leg guards, the chest protector is also designed for females, so you can expect the perfect fit. The feature that is most deserving of that perfect fit is the Moldable Abdominal Wire, an impressive innovation for a chest protector. This feature allows for getting that custom fit and also keeps it snug to your body so it doesn’t move around.

Putting the chest protector on and taking it off is so cool with the Fidlock Magnetic Buckle. It works smoothly and the feeling when it connects is very satisfactory. It’s definitely a cool feature to have on your chest protector and a nice change compared to the velcro straps that we usually see on chest protectors.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek
  • Great fit


  • Price


  • Moldable Abdominal Wire
  • Fidlock Magnetic Buckle
  • Engineered specifically for female athletes
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Leg Guards

EvoShield PRO-Srz upper and lower leg guards

Fastpitch leg guards usually come in one piece, but these come in two pieces – upper and lower leg guards and actually they can’t work if the one is missing. So, let’s explain how this remarkable system works.

The upper shin guards and the toe guards are connected by Gel-To-Shell Molded Leg Guard. This amazing innovation gives the catcher amazing fit and comfort. There is a procedure that you need to follow to mold it to your shin. It takes some time, but the results are amazing because with these leg guards you can get the best possible fit.

The upper leg guard has a knee pad that is adjustable and features foam for added comfort. It also has an option for shortened and lengthened by 2 inches which will let you get a better fit.

The EvoShield PRO-Srz Fastpitch Leg Guards have the very best fit of all the leg guards and at the same time, they offer you a lot of mobility. The only downside is that they are quite expensive, but, it’s a system that works and is fully worth it.


  • Innovative system
  • Fit
  • Can get different color combinations


  • Price


  • Adjustable Length
  • Gel-To-Shell Technology
  • Dispersion Technology
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While the whole set is very expensive, it’s one of the best that you can get. Fit and comfort are through the roof, but also very protective. The mission before engineering this catcher’s gear was surely to create the lightweight and protective gear, and they have succeeded in that.

It does have its flaws but they are minor compared to its strong points. Highly recommended to any catcher that is looking for a new, lightweight gear that is both protective and good-looking.