Rawlings Fastpitch Softball


The 12” Rawling ASA Fastpitch Softballs are constructed with the highest quality materials and have excellent build quality which Rawlings company is known for. These softballs from Rawlings are made for high school fastpitch players and have lower price for a softball that is approved by NFHS and ASA competitions. They have 88 red stitches and a yellow cover.

Build quality and durability

The build quality on these softballs is fantastic. They are made of high density cork and have leather cover with raised seams. The dream seam balls are very solid and durability wise, they are very good in that department also, one of the most durable fastpitch balls on the market.


Rawlings ASA Fastpitch Softballs are probably the best balls for pitchers and are very good for hitting also. They have the best grip and seams and make the ball pop right off the bat if hit precisely. The performance is phenomenal for a very affordable price.


  • Rawlings’ patented Dream Seam Technology
  • High density cork
  • Raised seams for better grip
  • 88 red stitches
  • 12” diameter
  • Approved for use in ASA Softball Leagues


The Rawlings Sporting Goods Dream Seam Official ASA Fast Pitch Softballs is a fantastic ball. Rawlings fastpitch softball has great durability, excellent quality and performs very well and on top of that it is not expensive. We highly recommend this product as it is top of the line in softball categories!

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