The absolute best fastpitch bat that comes from Axe is the new Avenge Pro Power Gap. Packed with a ton of new features, the Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap promises to be a serious competitor in the high-performance fastpitch bat market.

It feels truly comfortable in the hands and right out of the wrapper you can see and feel the improvements that this new Axe bat has.

Let’s jump into the review and see how the Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap performs.

2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap


The 2022 Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap fastpitch bat is an excellent bat for fastpitch players who want to maintain a powerful swing. The three-piece composite construction makes this bat very light and durable, while the Shock Suspension Technology allows this bat to absorb the impact of the ball with ease.

The Power Gap Barrel Technology helps the bat to transfer more energy from the bat to the ball when hitting it. This combination of technologies gives this bat a ton of pop and the ability to deliver consistent power.

Features and construction

We’ve said that this bat brings a ton of new features to the table, so let’s now learn more about those features and the construction of the Avenge Pro Power Gap.

This bat has a three-piece composite construction and has Axe’s top-of-the-line Charged Carbon materials implemented in the bat. Speaking of advanced technology, the Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap has a Power Gap Barrel Technology which gives the bat the amazing trampoline effect it has on hits.

That technology is put in the middle of the bats’ double barrel construction, and is there to ensure you can get harder hits. If you are a power hitter, you will surely enjoy this feature.

A very important new feature is the Shock Suspension Technology, which absorbs the impact of the ball with ease. It’s easy to see that this new bat is a major improvement over the previous version, with a lot of added features.

Power Gap Barrel Technology
Shock Suspension Technology
HyperWhip Composite End-Cap
Endogrid Technology


The amount of power that this bat has will definitely improve the game of anyone who holds it in their hands. And while this bat has power, it’s easy to swing.

The pop is also there, as well as the comfort. All of those technologies that we’ve mentioned work seamlessly well together to create an amazing hitting experience.

Power 94
Pop 93
Sound 96
Sweet Spot Hits 92
Durability 91

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Axe has definitely done an amazing job on this one, and if they continue on this great path, they can surely compete with the very best fastpitch bats on the market.

The Axe Avenge Pro Power Gap has got a lot of pop, great power and is a very reliable bat.