DeMarini CF Review

Last year’s DeMarini CF was the best light-swinging fastpitch bat. For the upcoming season, DeMarini has equipped the new CF with some amazing and new technologies that look to make the CF even better.

Is it true, however? Is the DeMarini CF still the king of light-swinging bats? Is it that much better than the 2021 DeMarini CF?

Let’s find out.

Features and construction

The 2022 DeMarini CF has a two-piece construction, like the older model, and has the same, great Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel. That barrel gives the CF the durability and responsiveness that it’s known for. So, not a lot has changed there, and we are happy it isn’t, since it’s one of the finer barrels in the game.

DeMarini CF

Fantastic for contact hitters

2022 DeMarini CF brings us new technologies that aim to keep the CF the absolute best option if you are looking for a light-swinging softball bat.

However, the connection piece is all new. This year’s model features a Type V Connection that is designed to function impeccably with the barrel and give the player a superior feel. It is also there to reduce the vibration that is transferred to your hands when you mishit the ball. In our opinion, they have succeeded in that. That connection piece is found on -11, -10, and -9 drops, while the -8 drop has a Direct Connection, which gives the -8 the stiffest feel of all the other drops.

While the 2021 version featured a ReAction End Cap, the end cap found on the 2022 CF is different. It’s called the Tracer End Cap and it’s super lightweight, with a mission to give the bat even more speed and ease of control.

So, the DeMarini CF, as the leader of DeMarini’s fantastic lineup of fastpitch bats, is the ideal bat for light-swinging players, for those who want a responsive bat with a big sweet spot.

The new features make a difference, and we were very pleased to see them in the 2022 CF.

DeMarini CF Fastpitch Bat -11
Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel
Type V Connection
Tracer End Cap
2-Piece Construction


2022 DeMarini CF -11

Like we mentioned, this is a phenomenal bat for contact players because of its ultra-balanced swing weight. If you are a contact hitter, our suggestion is to go for the -10 drop, as it will suit the contact hitters the best.

Unlike the 2021 version, this new one comes in two more drops: -9 and -8, so the options for power hitters are now there, however, there are slightly better options for power hitters, like the Easton Ghost.

We said in our review of the 2021 CF that it’s the best light-swinging bat that you can get your hands on, and this one continues to prove just that. The feel and pop that are the trademarks of the CF bats are here with the new one.

Power 91
Pop 97
Sound 93
Sweet Spot Hits 95
Durability 93


The 2022 DeMarini CF has gone with a darker colorway compared to the last year’s version, something similar to what the Louisville Slugger has done with the new LXT. There a slight differences in colorways between different drops, but not as drastic as the difference between 2021 CF drop -10 and -11.

This darker design, in our opinion, suits the CF very well, and we like this design very much. It’s up there with the better-looking bats for sure.

DeMarini Prism+

4.8 Outstanding

Louisville Slugger Xeno

4.6 Excellent

Louisville Slugger LXT

4.7 Excellent

Rating and conclusion

The updated 2022 DeMarini CF brings new features and technological advancements that continue to make it the absolute best light-swinging bat on the market. If you are a contact hitter, the CF is one of the best options out there. On the other hand, the power hitters can explore other options, even though the -8 drop is good, there is loads of competition in that category.

Feel free to check out how the new DeMarini CF compares to the Louisville Slugger Meta here.