Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch 2022 bat is the most wanted and hyped bat in the market right now, with a lot of expectations to prove. Brand new and revolutionary technology is included in the Meta to ensure that you fall in love at first sight.

Meta obviously is a high-performance fastpitch bat and without a doubt looks perfect with bold and sleek design, but the more important thing is that do the new features make a large difference in performance? Is it more durable and better balanced than others? Do all those factors combined make it worth the higher price tag?

Without further ado, let’s get straight into the review.

Features and construction

Louisville Slugger Meta 2022 softball bat has a two-piece design with a VTX connection system that absorbs most of the vibrations that you can feel on mishits. Meta has a handful of new features and the main one is the new Mash Composite barrel with an innovative cantilevered gapped wall that instantly maximizes performance. The inner barrel is not connected at the end cap unlike the other bats allowing it to translate on impact.

Louisville Slugger Meta

A phenomenal high-performance fastpitch bat

The newest Louisville Slugger softball bat, the Meta, exceeds all expectations and proves to be one of the best and hottest bats on the market.

Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip is designed to give you the perfect mix of tuck and cushion, adding comfort to every swing.

Straight out of the wrapper, Louisville Slugger can offer us a brand new F2X Performance End Cap. It is designed that way so you can feel that you are much more in control and maximizes your swing speed. Overall esthetics of it is amazing, transparent design gives you a feeling of a real high-end bat for elite talents.

Louisville Slugger Meta 2022
MASH Composite Barrel
VTX Connection System
F2X Performance End-Cap
2-piece composite design


Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat 2022

The Louisville Slugger Meta 2022 bat is certainly for all hitters out there but with these new Mash composite materials and cantilevered gapped wall, it’s a real joy for stronger players. There are a couple of things that you need to consider before you buy this bat. Are you old enough to handle it? Given that the Meta is only available in drop 10, drop 9, drop 8, younger players must wait a couple of years before they lay hands on the most anticipated bat on the market right now.

Power 93
Pop 96
Sound 95
Sweet Spot Hits 97
Durability 95


Meta is the undisputedly good-looking bat with a sleek and bold look. The first thing that you will notice is the dominant darker colors with a bright white Meta description that looks amazing.

The connection piece was designed to resemble a spider’s web in combination with a darker appearance and transparent end cap it gives you a real badass feel to it. It will draw attention across the field.

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Rating and conclusion

Louisville Slugger Meta 2022 is without a doubt a phenomenal fastpitch bat with lots of innovative features and new technologies that makes your game a lot smoother.

If you are a younger player or not at a professional level, there is no need to hurry with the Meta, if you’re old enough or at a professional level, this bat will provide you everything that you expect from it. Is it expensive? Yes, but worth every penny.