Rawlings Mantra is the newest addition in the Rawlings’ line of high-end fastpitch bats. The last high-end bat they made was the Quatro Pro, a bat that has performed very well. Now, they have released the Mantra, a bat that should give you more pop and a better feel. Has Rawlings succeeded in making an even better bat than the Quatro Pro?

Let’s find out.

Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Softball Bat

A fantastic fastpitch bat

The new fastpitch bat by Rawlings is much better then it’s predecessor, the Quatro Pro.

Great feel, sound, fast and smooth swings make the Mantra one of the best bats for 2021.

Features and construction

The inner barrel of the Mantra has a three-step design that more strength. On the other hand, the outer barrel is thinner, 15% to be exact, and that gives you more pop and a great sound when you connect.

Vibration is reduced from getting to the players’ hand by the new F2 Collar, allowing for a smoother swing.

When talking about swings, they are even faster and more balanced with the Mantra because it has an UltraLight End Cap which truly helps in getting the most out of mishits.

The grip used on the 2021 Mantra is a LizardSkins grip which dampens the vibrations and gives the player comfort.

The Mantra is a balanced fastpitch bat with a big sweet spot and a 2-piece composite frame and comes in a -9 and a -10 drop.

Rawlings Mantra Fastpitch Bat
2-piece composite bat
F2 Collar
LizardSkins grip
UltraLight End Cap


With all those new, great features that the Mantra has, you can think about how great it performs. And we couldn’t be more surprised.

The huge sweet spot and the extreme balance that the Mantra has, along with all of the other features that we mentioned, make this bat a dream bat for power hitters, the -9 drop particularly.

Along with that, the swings were smooth and fast and we just couldn’t stop hitting with it. It was that much fun and enjoyment.

This is a high-performance softball bat that is made for experienced college and high school players.

Rawlings says that this bat will make you better, and we believe that to be true.

Power 94
Pop 92
Sound 94
Sweet Spot Hits 95
Durability 97


  • Fast, smooth swings
  • Balanced bat
  • Huge sweet spot
  • -9 drop is fantastic


  • Stylistically it could be better

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Rating and conclusion

We truly didn’t expect the Rawlings Mantra to be this good. The sweet spot, fast swings, balance, truly set it apart.

The only downside can be the colors and style of the bat, which may not be liked by all players. Other than that, it is a great fastpitch bat for high school and college players, one that will make them better and enjoy the game even more.