Easton Ghost Review

One of the most popular bats of 2021, the Easton Ghost Double Barrel is back with a couple of new features and an all-new, glorious colorway. The older version was the fastpitch bat that you could hit rockets with and was always at the top of the list of the hottest bats in the game.

The new Easton Ghost certainly looks much better and cooler but much more important is that do those new features make a huge difference in performance? Is the new Easton Ghost a more durable bat? Does it “feel” better? Do all those factors combined make it worth the higher price tag? Time to find out.

Let’s jump into the review.

Features and construction

Unmistakably, the main feature that we need to talk about concerning the Ghost is its double-barrel. That is Easton’s patented design and the feature that makes the Ghost stand out from other high-performing bats. The two barrels, outer and inner barrels operate mutually to generate as much flex as possible.

The outer barrel is responsible for the pop that the Ghost has right out of the wrapper, a factor for which it is known. The inner barrel on the other hand is responsible for the explosive sound.

Easton Ghost Double Barrel 2022

One of the most popular fastpitch bats

The new and updated Easton Ghost Double Barrel is a fantastic, high-performance fastpitch bat that is every power hitters dream.

It also resounds durability issues that the previous model had by using a new Sonic Composite.

There are two new features that the Ghost brings to the table; the first is the new Sonic Comp and the other one is the new Connexion Technology. The Sonic Comp is the new, more durable composite, and it should make the new 2022 Ghost a more durable, long-lasting bat.

Since the Ghost is one of the power hitter’s favorite fastpitch bats, it has a stiffer feel and that is credited to the Connexion Technology. It also reduces vibration that you can feel on mishits. The new Easton Ghost has a pretty solid feel, we would say that it is even better than the last year’s Ghost.

Easton Ghost 2022 Softball Bat
Double Barrel Construction
Connexion Technology
Sonic Comp
Ultra-thin handle


The 2022 Easton Ghost is a joy to hit with for power hitters as with the new Ghost you can hit perfectly. We feel that the new Sonic Composite and the Connexion Technology certainly made a worthy difference in performance compared to the previous version.

It also feels a lot more durable than the older version. And the thing that we liked the most about the new Easton Ghost is that it is very hot right out of the wrapper. The sound is also crazy good.

The “feel” on sweet spot hits, in our opinion, is right there at the top. It swings heavy but that is what the heavier, power hitters really like about the Ghost.

The new Easton Ghost Double Barrel comes in -8, -9, -10, and -11 drops and is USSSA (Fastpitch only), USA, NSA, ISA, WBSC approved.

Power 99
Pop 95
Sound 98
Sweet Spot Hits 97
Durability 83


Easton Ghost Fastpitch Bat 2022

Obviously not the most important factor when it comes to fastpitch bats, but we like when a bat has a nice design and colorway.

The new Easton Ghost has a kind of similar look to the previous Ghost with the black-white colorway and the golden lines, but this one has a more “sharper” look that we really like and we especially like the touch of light blue on a few places.

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The 2022 Easton Ghost Double Barrel is one of the best bats of the year so far, and you can see that Easton made serious improvements regarding the Ghosts’ durability.

It is certainly the best option for power hitters and the bat that has the most pop right out of the wrapper.

It does have a high price but it is a newly released, high-performance fastpitch bat so you can’t expect anything less.

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