DeMarini has always been a brand that makes one of the bats for baseball and softball players that you can get. This year, they have upgraded the Prism+, released a brand new bat called the DeMarini Whisper, and upgraded their ultra-popular model called the DeMarini CF.

The DeMarini CF has always been one of the top-rated light-swinging bats but has the new model shown that the CF still belongs at the top?

DeMarini CF 2023 Review






-8, -9, -10, -11

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2023 DeMarini CF is a two-piece, balanced composite bat designed for players who prefer a light-swinging bat that offers great feel and balance. The new model has very similar features to the last year’s, which means you will find the same overall length, weight, and balance.

This doesn’t mean that the 2023 DeMarini CF isn’t a great option for any player looking for a high-quality bat that performs well and feels great, since the 2022 CF was one of our favorites for last year, and this one does just as good.

Construction & Features

As we’ve said, there are not a lot of new and ground-breaking features on the new CF compared to last year’s one, but this is not an issue at all. The great Paraflex Plus Barrel delivers the same amazing feel as before and the Type V CF Connection, designed specifically for the CF series is back, just as good as ever.

Now we have a big difference between the -10 and -11 drops and the -8 and -9 drops, which is the end cap. Versions -10 and -11 feature the Tracer End Cap, while the -8 and -9 versions feature the Tremor End Cap.

The difference between these two end caps is that the Tremor End Cap offers more power and the Tracer End Cap offers more speed. This is a big difference, and you should definitely keep that in mind before opting for which version to get.

Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel
0.800″ Handle
Type-V CF Connection
Tracer/Tremor End Cap


The performance is also pretty much the same as it was with the -10 and -11 versions of the previous CF. As mentioned earlier, the -10 and -11 versions were great performers and offered plenty of pop, and speed, and were very responsive.

Versions -9 and -8 have much more competition on the market, and the likes of Easton Ghost and Rawlings Mantra offer better performance for power hitters.

Power 92
Pop 96
Sound 92
Sweet Spot Hits 96
Durability 98


The new DeMarini CF looks drastically different compared to the 2022 version, and it really looks like a futuristic baseball bat. The sleek look will surely be appealing to players who want to stand out from the rest.

As with the previous models, the -10 and -11 drops have a different colorway compared to the -9 and -8 versions.

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There are very few barrels in the game that are more responsive than the one found on the CF. If that is your main goal in a bat, then you are going to be in good hands with the new CF.