Following the huge success that the previous version of the Prism+ had, DeMarini has continued with the Prism series with the brand new Prism+ for the 2023 season. We’ve liked the 2021 Prism+ so much that we’ve named it the best fastpitch bat for the previous season.

Has DeMarini succeeded in making the new Prism+ even better? Let’s jump into the review and find out.

DeMarini Prism+ 2023 Review






-10, -11

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Preferred by advanced contact hitters that want a ton of pop and a big sweet spot from their bat, the construction of the DeMarini Prism+ makes it possible. It’s a near-perfect light-swinging bat that offers plenty of control.

Construction & Features

The 2021+ Prism was one of the most technologically-advanced bats that DeMarini has made, and it introduced us to technologies like the Type V Connection that is still present in the new Prism+.

Most of the technologies that the 2021 version had are found in the 2023 version as well, and that shouldn’t be a bad thing at all. The Gapped Wall Barrel construction and the Continuous Fiber Composite work extremely well to create a barrel that has a trampoline effect, has lots of pop and control but at the same time is very durable.

Gapped Wall Barrel
Continuous Fiber Composite
Type-V™ Connection
Refract End Cap


There are several reasons why we are so fond of the 2023 DeMarini Prism+. First, it is a balanced bat, that offers more control to the player. We’ve seen the same thing with the previous Prism, and we know that the new version has improved.

The second reason is that it has a massive sweet spot. This gives the player more confidence and limits the vibrations that occur on mishits.

It’s definitely still the absolute best light-swinging bat on the market, and when you feel how much pop this bat has and the great sound it makes on contact, it will be hard to put it away.

Power 90
Pop 98
Sound 95
Sweet Spot Hits 98
Durability 97


On the outside, the 2023 DeMarini Prism+ is a completely new bat. It still has an interesting color combination that made Prism such an attractive and iconic-looking bat. The new version opts for different shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, light blue, and black squares on white background, which is quite different from the previous version.

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Overall, it’s an excellent bat that will surely please the majority of players. It’s easy to swing, it’s very durable, it has great pop, and it offers a great amount of control. We’ve wished to see a bit more improvements on the inside, but the 2023 DeMarini Prism+ is still our favorite bat and highly recommended for contact hitters.