4.8 Rating

Last year’s DeMarini Prism was a fantastic fastpitch bat and regularly featured in the lists of the best bats for 2020.  It had a ton of pop, a balanced feel, and was durable. But, now is 2021 and DeMarini has (finally) rolled out a new version of its popular model. It is called DeMarini Prism+ and it is amazing.

Let’s check it out.

DeMarini Prism 2021 Fastpitch Bat

One of the best bats of 2020 just got even better

The new Prism+ has some amazing technologies in it that make it a near-perfect fastpitch bat that has a massive sweet spot.

Comes in -10 and -11 drops.

Features and construction

One of the last years model best features was a Continuous Fiber barrel and this year it is updated for an even better performance. What it does is it has a bigger sweet spot, more durable and lighter barrel which DeMarini have made that possible by rolling a composite sheet into itself. Another big feature found on a last years Prism is the Gapped Wall Technology, used on this 2021 Prism+ as well. It works like this: two separate walls, the inner and outer are working together to deliver a specific sound and feel that the Prism is known for.

Now, another big feature found on this new Prism+ is it’s new connection, called the Type V(TM) Connection. It is tweaked and optimized to work with the Gaped Wall technology to reduce vibration you feel on mishits and making an overall better performance.

One of the most important features that gives this bat it’s speed is the Refract End Cap, found on last year’s model as well.

DeMarini Prism+ 2021
Gapped Wall Barrel
Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel
Type V Connection
Refract End Cap


This is a bat that is intended for elite fastpitch softball players. All of those technologies we have mentioned deliver a high performance bat that will step your game up.

It has performed impressive in our tests: the feel that this bat gives you is in our opinion unmatched on the market. Bat speed is also great and the Refract End Cap really reduced vibrations when we mishit the softball. The 2021 DeMarini Prism+ is a very strong and light fastpitch bat that doesn’t lack power.

Power 93
Pop 96
Sound 99
Sweet spot hits 99
Durability 95

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Rating and conclusion

The new DeMarini Prism+ is a phenomenal fastpitch bat, plain and simple. It performs great, looks great and feels great. Now, if you are a young player or not on a professional level then there is no need to pick up this bat because it is expensive. The 2021 Prism+ is an even better bat than the last years Prism and a great option for advanced players.

If you are a fan of the DeMarini Prism+, you will be pleased to hear that the new model for the 2023 season is released and you can read our review of it here.

Prism -10 Fastpitch Bat