Two powerhouses of fastpitch bats come head to head in this fastpitch bats comparison – Louisville Slugger Meta and the Easton Ghost. Both of them are high-performance bats, both of them have a ton of features and both of them are very popular.

But, which one will suit your playing style better? Which one of these bats provides more value? Which bat is the better option for power hitters?

Let’s jump into the review and find out.

Short overview

Louisville Slugger Meta Fastpitch Bat 2022

Louisville Slugger Meta

One of the bats that had a ton of hype even before its initial release is the all-new model from Louisville Slugger, the Meta. It has the same name as the baseball version of the bat and brings a lot of technological advancements and features that will help you to elevate your game. It is one of the pricier bats, but it sure is worth it.

Easton Ghost 2022

Easton Ghost

A very popular bat in the fastpitch softball world, the Easton Ghost is updated for the new season. 2022 version of the Easton Ghost sees the Ghost deal with its durability issues better and with its new features promises to be one of, if not the best bat for power hitters.

Features and construction

Both bats feature a two-piece composite design, so that is no huge surprise. The Louisville Slugger Meta has a brand new MASH Composite Barrel which gives the Meta its amazing sound, and more importantly, brings the performance.

The feature that is found on the Lousiville Slugger LXT and the new Meta is the VTX Connection Piece, an established feature that is developed in order to reduce the vibration which is felt on mishits.

However, the all-new feature is the F2X End Cap, with a mission to bring you the maximum possible control and swing speed. The Meta is equipped with the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip, which is also found on the LXT, and it works well in giving you a better feel for the bat, and with that, more control.

The Easton Ghost has its famous double-barrel construction, the feature that made it so great and so famous. Regarding the durability issues that the previous Ghost had, Easton has equipped the new one with the Sonic Comp material, with a mission to resolve those issues.

Like the Louisville Slugger Meta, the Easton Ghost also has a feature that will reduce vibration on mishits. It’s called the Connexion Technology, and, apart from its cool name, it does the job it’s assigned to perfectly.

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If you are a power hitter and are searching for a new bat that will match your playing style, the Easton Ghost should definitely be up high on your list. The sound that this bat makes on perfect contact is mesmerizing and the stiff feel makes it a favorite among fastpitch’s best power hitters.

On the other hand, if you are a contact hitter, the Ghost might not be for you, because if it’s heavier swing weight and that stiff feel.

The Louisville Slugger Meta is a bit different story. It has a little amount of weight added to the end of the barrel, but that means that both contact and power hitters can swing it. It definitely swings easier than the Easton Ghost, and that can be a deciding factor for many people.

The Meta also has a ton of pop right out of the wrapper, which is one of its strongest suits.


This showdown of these two great fastpitch bats comes down to two things: the playing style and the price. For stronger players who have previously swung the older versions of the Ghost, a new Easton Ghost is a great option. Since it swings heavier, power hitters may give a little edge to the Ghost, but that also doesn’t mean that the Meta isn’t a great option for stronger players.

It’s definitely a better option for contact hitters, for whom we don’t recommend the Ghost. Price-wise, the Ghost is a little less expensive than the Meta, but both of these are surely worth their price.