Louisville Slugger LXT is one of the most popular, if not the most popular fastpitch bat on the market right now. The LXT was always a synonym for speed and balance.

Last year’s Slugger LXT was a high-performance bat, but we wanted to see what new stuff the 2021 LXT brings to the table, and is it any better.

Let’s jump into the review.

Features and construction

Of course, as with any high-performance fastpitch bat, you would expect it to have a composite barrel, and that is the case with the new Slugger LXT. It features a 3-piece design, and the barrel has a new Speed Composite Design as the Louisville Slugger calls it. That, along with the PBF technology, which is the same as last year’s model, makes the bat have a big sweet spot.

Louisville Slugger LXT Softball Bat 2021

Most popular bat on the market

The new Louisville Slugger LXT has a couple of updated features and a very nice looking design that will stand out.

It is a synonym for balance and speed and one of the best fastpitch bats for contact hitters.

The great Vibration Control Connection System – VCX for short from the previous model is now updated and is called the VCX2. This technology gives the LXT the “feel” that it is so famous for around the fastpitch world.

The end cap is the second updated feature of this new model, and it has a COPA performance end cap, unlike the old models’ ultra-lightweight X-Cap. Unitedly with the barrel, it makes the big sweet spot that the LXT is known for.

The Louisville Slugger wanted to make the LXT one of the more balanced bats out there and they have certainly done that.

Overall, there is not a huge amount of new features, but that shouldn’t worry you, because the old model is one of the best, and the new one has some minor tweaks that make it even better. As the saying goes “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Louisville Slugger LXT 2021
Speed Composite Design
PBF Technology
VCX2 – Vibration Control Connection System
COPA Endcap


The most important thing to consider and think about when choosing a new, high-end fastpitch bat is how it performs. The Slugger LXT, as we mentioned before is focused on balance and speed.

We have tested the -10 drop as it is the most popular. If you like the balanced swing, we can surely say, you will enjoy this bat. The big barrel surely makes the difference, and no matter that it doesn’t have the same feel as the 2020 version, it is just so much fun and joy to hit with.

If you are a power hitter, you should consider the -8 and -9 drops as they swing heavier than the popular -10 model.
We think that no matter the drop, the new LXT will improve anyone’s game.

This year’s LXT comes in the -8, -9, -10, and -11 drops, unlike the 2020 model that came in the -12 drop as well.

Power 91
Pop 93
Sound 95
Sweet Spot Hits 96
Durability 91


Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 Front View

The new LXT shares a resemblance to the X19 with the white/gold design that a lot of fastpitch players liked. We liked the new design even more, as the sleek gold and grey lines give it a clean, modern look. 

This LXT will surely be noticed whenever you step on the field and we think it is one of the coolest looking fastpitch bats of the year.

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The new Louisville Slugger LXT is a great bat, even though it doesn’t have a big amount of new features. It continues to be the synonym for speed and high-performance fastpitch bats but expects to pay a high price for it.

But, from the big sweet spot to the great sound it makes on contact, it makes another step closer to making the perfect bat for contact hitters, which, of course, costs.

We think you can’t go wrong with it and that the 2021 LXT is worth every penny.

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