Louisville Slugger LXT 2021
DeMarini CF Zen 2021


Louisville Slugger LXT 2021

The all-new Slugger LXT 2021 bring two new technologies to the already phenomenal and popular 2020 LXT model. The single-disc barrel has a new Speed Composite Design and what that gives to this fastpitch bat is a greatly balanced swing weight and fantastic sound on contact. The sweet spot is also improved by the new 2021 COPA performance end cap which works with the barrel, and the grip is also new, the Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ for better feel. This bat is made for swing speed and light swing and is easy to control when adjusting riseballs, so this bat is made phenomenal for contact hitters.

DeMarini CF Zen 2021

The 2021 DeMarini CF Zen is very similar to the 2020 version which was a world-class bat and maybe the best fastpitch bat for the 2020 season. The CF Zen barrel is one of the most responsive barrels in the game, made of DeMarini’s Paraflex+ Composite, and is boosted by the usage of the ReAction End Cap. This bat is very light swinging and has good exit speeds. The feel on hits on sweet spots were phenomenal and the pop is also very good. With that said, the DeMarini made an amazing bat for speed swingers and we think the -11 drop is the best one for the new CF Zen.


  • New speed composite design for ultra balanced swing weight and sound
  • New 2021 COPA performance end cap for maximazing sweet spot
  • Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip™ for better contact and feel
  • DeMarini’s Paraflex+ Composite materials for barrel responsiveness
  • ReAction End Cap, strong and light end cap made to cut down weight
  • 3Fusion Connection which optimizes energy and weight distribution

Construction and design

DeMarini CF Zen 2021

The new Slugger is a three-piece composite bat made with new Speed Composite Design with patented single disk and what that does is it increases the sweet spot without sacrificing weight. The bat also features a new end cap for more weight cutting of the barrel so it can make the LXT 2021 even more balanced. The new model has the popular Vibration Control Connection System for independent movement between the handle and barrel. New Louisville Slugger LXT comes in -8, -9, -10, -11 drops.

The CF Zen 2021 is made of two-piece composite materials, specifically DeMarini’s Paraflex Plus Composite Barrel for maybe the best responsive barrel on the market and it also adds a massive sweet spot and great control. ReAction End Cap is used on the Zen 2021 for increased barrel performance without sacrificing swing speed. Vibration is reduced and energy is redirected back to the barrel with the usage of the 3Fusion Connection which improves performance by a lot. The new DeMarini Zen comes in -10 and -11 drop.


Louisville Slugger LXT 2021
Drop:-11, -10,-9, -8
Barrel:2 ¼’’
Certification:ASA, USSSA, NSA, ISA, ISF
Barrel Load:Balanced
Material:Three-Piece Composite
Model year:2021
DeMarini CF Zen 2021
Drop:-11, -10
Barrel:2 ¼’’
Certification:USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA
Barrel Load:Balanced
Material:Two-Piece Composite
Model year:2021

Louisville Slugger LXT 2021 Stats


DeMarini CF Zen 2021 Stats



Both the Slugger LXT 2021 and the CF Zen 2021 are fantastic bats. The new Louisville model has 3 new features and the DeMarini’s remained quite the same from the last year. The CF Zen is recommended for smaller hitters, not the big power hitters because of the light swing speeds and the flexibility of the connection piece of the new CF Zen and the Slugger LXT is made for players who need top bat speed and exit speeds. The durability on the Slugger is a little bit better then on the DeMarini CF Zen and the price is relatively the same. Our thoughts are that you can’t go wrong with any of these great bats, so it’s just a matter of your playing style and personal preference.

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