The DeMarini company produces some of the best bats for fastpitch softball and their newest release, the FP Fnx is no exception. It is re-engineered with a new barrel, the Continuous Fiber Barrel which gives this bat enormous power and an amazing balance. This bat is made for heavy hitters because of the bat’s stiffer feel, which is preferred by most hitters. The 2-piece handle gives hitters more power on contact and the Siesmic End Cap working together with the 2-piece Direct Connection Handle helps in transferring enormous amount of energy on contact.

Demarini FNX Rising Fastpitch Bat 2021


  • Continuous Fiber Barrel for durable and light barrel; one strong, light sheet of composite rolled into itself;
  • Direct Connection Handle made for power hitters; delivers maximum energy transfer and enormous amounts of power on contact;
  • Seismic End Cap for transferring energy on contact; Made with stiffest materials in DeMarini’s lineup of fastpitch softball bats.


This bat is made for power hitters but also has great balance, made possible by DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Barrel. The feel is very stiff so hitters can make easy power hits on the playing field. The cap is a Seismic End Cap made of stiff materials for energy transfer. The colorway is pretty awesome, black and red with a white Fenix with spread wings, so you can easily spot this new bat on the field.


Drop: -10
Barrel: 2 1/4″
Certification: USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA
Barrel Load: Balanced
Material: Composite
Model year: 2021


  • Power hits are made easy with the Continuous Fiber Barrel so you can dominate the field
  • Barrel is very light
  • Enormous amounts of energy transferred on contact
  • Fantastic option for power hitters


  • Not ideal for contact hitters because of the stiffer feel

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2021 DeMarini FP FNX Stats

DeMarini Fnx Rising 2021 Fastpitch Softball Bat


One of the first released bats for the 2021 season, the DeMarini FP Fnx fastpitch bat will surely make a statement. It is a bat made for power hitters, very light and the energy transfer on contact is huge. The stiffer feel this bat has is preferred by the game’s best power hitters.

It will surely step your game up so you can have unmatched performance on the field and with the beautiful black/red colorway will look great doing so!

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