Easton Ghost Unlimited 2023 Review

The Easton Ghost line of fastpitch bats are some of the highest performing bats on the market, and they just got the newest addition. Welcome the 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited, a bat that brings new and exciting innovations to the table.

Do the new innovations make the Easton Ghost Unlimited a contender for the best bat for the upcoming season? Let’s take a closer look and find out.






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The 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited makes history as the first bat in the famous Ghost lineup to be made from a one-piece composite. It still has the signature double-barrel that the previous Ghost models had.

Only if you’re familiar with the old Ghost bats will you definitely notice the difference between the Ghost Unlimited and the “standard” Ghost.

Features and Construction

As we said in the introduction, Ghost Unlimited comes with new technologies that will improve its performance. The first that we should mention is definitely the material that it’s made from.

Older models, especially the 2021 Ghost and Ghost Advanced had durability issues. Last season Easton improved the durability of their Ghost models by making them from the Sonic Comp material.

With the Ghost Unlimited, Easton has taken that a step further and made this bat from Sonic Comp MAX material. This material improves the durability, while the famous sound that Ghost makes on impact is still there, so no need to worry.

We are also greeted with the new connection piece. It’s called the VRS1 internal connection joint, and it serves the purpose of reducing vibrations and swing weight.

The one-piece composite construction and the increased barrel length by 1″ make up for a larger sweet spot that power hitters will take advantage of.

Double Barrel EXT
Sonic Comp Max
Power Boost Soft Knob Technology
One-Piece Composite Construction


If you’re a fan of the Ghost lineup, you know that it has always been known for its great feel, power, and the signature sound that it makes on impact. The Ghost Unlimited doesn’t disappoint here either.

The bat is lighter than previous models, but it still feels solid and has tremendous pop. It feels very comfortable in the hands and you do get a more solid feel when hitting the ball. Evidently, the new one-piece construction makes a difference.

So does the new connection piece; the bat is easy to control, and you can truly feel the power that this bat possesses.

2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited
Power 98
Pop 96
Sound 98
Sweet Spot Hits 95
Durability 88


In terms of design, Easton has kept Ghost Unlimited very simple. The colorway looks very similar to the 2022 Easton Ghost and Ghost Advanced except that the Unlimited features orange lines compared to the previously mentioned Ghost and Ghost Advanced which had red and black lines.

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The 2023 Easton Ghost Unlimited is a great bat that is capable of producing plenty of power. It has a larger sweet spot and the new one-piece composite construction makes the bat stiffer and more enjoyable for power hitters.

Overall, the Easton Ghost Unlimited is a bat that should be on your shortlist, especially if you are an experienced power hitter.